Thursday, 28 August 2008

Photos by Noel

Noel has been really enjoying using my camera lately, here is a selection of his latest "work"

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Photos from Nannas

Aprils lovely cardigan
Enjoying their tea party

April having her nap at my mums - its a wonder she fits in the bed!

A lovely day at Nannas

As I couldn't do my volunteer work on Monday due to the bank holiday, I arranged to go today and see my lovely homestart family. As usual we had a lovely time, the children were excited about school starting again and their mum was so kind and gave me 3 skirts for April and 2 reading books for Noel. I am sure I benefit more from our weekly visits and I will no doubt feel quite a loss when they finish.
While I was there the children had a lovely time with my mum, playing in the garden and going to visit mum's friend Connie. The children adore Connie, and talk very highly of her.
April had a little nap after lunch and I found her fast asleep with 3 "babies" in bed! Sometimes I wonder how there is room for her in the bed!
When April woke up, they both had a little "tea party" in the conservatory. My mum bought April a gorgeous tea set when she came out of nappies (Noel had a cricket set when it was his turn) and the children love drinking out of the cups and having their snack on the minature plates.
My mum also knitted April a gorgeous pink cardi, which I will put away for when she is a bit bigger. All in all its been a lovely and very lucky day!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Photos from Snibston

It all got a bit too much for one little girl, I came back after my appointment to find April fast asleep!
April and Grandad having fun with the plasma ball

Noel and Grandma pumping up a balloon with helium. I was quite amazed Noel would have a go at this as he absolutely hates balloons!

Everyone loved this interactive mat. You can't see too clearly from the photograph but it looked like a big pond and when you stood on it, it made ripples in the water. April kept running around and laughing, it really fascinated her.

Snibston Discovery Park

Stu's mum and dad - Grandad and Grandma Wells -and his brother Jake come over today and we all walked up to Snibston Discovery Park. Unfortunately Laura couldn't join us as she was in bed with a sore throat - get well soon XXXX
Noel and April absolutely adore Jake, especially Noelie, and they didn't really leave his side all day. Poor Jake looked absolutely worn out at the end of the day!
There are lots of things for the children to do there, its a good balance of interactive learning fun and interesting things to look at. There is also a fabulous outdoor play area where we ate our picnic.
The mobile blood donation team where at Snibston today and I wanted to give blood while we were there so while the children were playing outside I went off to give my donation. However during health screening I was declined until December - I totally forgot when I made my appointment that I had a piercing a few months ago at the top of my ear. They did mention however that they are back there in January so hopefully I can donate then. It has been some time since I have done it so it would be nice to get back into giving regular donations.

Monday, 25 August 2008

The joys of having a potato patch

At least we have all this delicious booty to look forward to in return for our hard work. We're having jacket potatoes for dinner tonight :-)
Our potato patch now looks like this, just one solitary courgette plant!!

Its hard to believe that just a few weeks ago the potato patch looked like this. It was really dying down though and had gone all yellow so the time had come to dig it over.

A productive day

Its been a very productive, yet relaxing, day at Chez Wills. This morning I took the tiddlypeeps swimming, along with my friend and her little girl. Then after lunch, April had a massive sleep which gave me the chance to get a few jobs done. Noel and I dug up all the potatoes from the potato patch, and I dug it over. Then I gave the shed (yet another) tidy up. I also did lots of not very exciting but necessary jobs like cleaning the bathroom and washing.
I'm really pleased the garden is coming together, we just need to decide what to do in Noels "building site". He won't be happy but it can't stay like that for much longer. It used to be full of stones but he's dug away at it so much that now there is a big dip up to the patio and its quite dangerous. I'm wondering whether to concrete it and then cover it over with stones, so at least he can play in there with his diggers but not cause too much damage. He does, of course, have a sandpit but for whatever reason prefers the stones :0)

Sunday, 24 August 2008


After a morning at work I came home to find the sun shining and 2 smiley faces to greet me. It never fails to warm my heart the way that my gorgeous children beam when I come home.
We've had a lovely afternoon digging in the garden, I've finally finished the edging - hurrah - and Noel kept finding little bits and pieces to decorate the birds grave with.
The only problem now I've finished edging the garden is how bare it looks - lots and lots of soil. Good job I have 4 little willing hands to play with the diggers and spades in it :0)

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Our little friend

The little grave the children decorated
Just before the little bird took his last breath :0(

Stu gave him some bread and tried to calm him down a bit

Our little mate

Little Visitor

We had a little visitor today at Chez Wills. I was outside digging when Noel noticed a little bird behind the water butt. When I went to get him he hopped off at lightening speed into the house! Cue 2 very excited small children. The bird was never going to come out while they were there so I took them back outside while Stu came to the rescue. Sadly our new little friend didn't last long, we brought him outside, where he managed to get a sudden flurry of energy and made an escape from the box Stu had put him. We think a cat must have got him (I won't go into too much detail) and sadly he passed away. The children gave him a little stroke and we dug a nice deep hole and gave him a proper burial - and Noel said a little prayer for him and the children both decorated his grave. I felt this was a more honest approach than pretending the bird has suddenly "flown off".

Friday, 22 August 2008

Friday fun!

Shoes ready for playschool - April will be starting in September for the first time
Practising our singing with our "microphone"

Our singing was a little rowdy and we got a visit from the Riot Police ;0)

A day with Daddy

Stuart has booked 4 days annual leave, today being the first, so we have enjoyed a lovely family day together. I got up at my usual 5.30 and I let him have a lie in until 9. The children amused themselves while I pottered around playing with the tube of the toy hoover - it was being a microphone - and we all took turns to sing into it - including me.
Once Stu was up, we all went off to Loughborough to get some bits and pieces we needed. I treated myself to some acrylic paints, and the children needed new plimsolls ready for playschool. I prefer to buy second hand when I can but in this instance I did feel it was needed and I will hopefully be able to save these as they're only used indoors. Because April has small feet we couldn't get any plimsolls in her size so she got some funky pink canvas shoes. She did request "cinderwewa plimsolls" but I've never seen any for sale. It does annoy me when they put plastic tags and hangers on everything though - what a waste.
We had some lunch out in Loughborough and then came home where I had an extra special treat - a nap! April and I snuggled up in bed while Noel spent some time with his dad - it was absolute bliss. Even better - I got woken up with a kiss and a cup of tea. I love that man.
After an awakening fit for a princess I made dinner before we went off to Family Worship at the Salvation Army. The children and I got chance to admire Isabels flowers - I could really smell the lilies and it transported me back to my wedding day - happy and sad thoughts at the same time.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

April helping me to wash up after tea

Mum reading the hungry caterpillar with the children. April held the caterpillar/butterfly and Noel fed it!!

Happy and Sad moments

Today has been a happy and sad day. Happy because I am blessed with my beautiful children and they make everything worthwhile, sad because I said goodbye to a lovely lady from the Salvation Army this afternoon at her funeral.
This morning we walked into town to pick up a parcel that I had ordered from Knotjustjigs ( Sadly I can't show you any of the items because of little eyes looking but the things we ordered were just fabulous, I'm really chuffed.
Noel and April did really well on the journey into town, Noel rode his scooter all the way there and April walked pulling her pink trolley. Its the first time April has walked all the way there and back, she was getting a bit tired on the way home. The only downside that instead of the 1/2 hour it would have taken if I were walking with April in the pushchair, it took 2 hours!!!! Still, half the fun is in the journey...
My mum came over at lunchtime to help out with the children and so that I could go to Isabel's funeral. Bless her, she cut the lawn while I edged the borders - it feels like a never ending task but it will be worth it when its all finished. Thanks mummy :0) x

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Skateboarding fun

Noelie washing the windows for me
April getting in on the act, she wasn't confident "skateboarding" but she didn't mind hitching a ride!

Noel having fun in his home made "skateboard"

Wet and Windy Day

We've had tonnes of fun here today despite the wet and windy weather. The children amused themselves this morning when we got up by playing "skateboards" and pushing each other around in a large plastic box that belongs to the toy library. Sadly we returned it this morning along with all the other goodies, and picked some fresh new ones for the coming weeks.
To Noel and Aprils credit they didn't complain once on the walk there, and boy was it wet. We were all soaked through our coats, but never once did they say anything, bless them. Noel was walking and April rode back the trike she picked last time.
This time we picked The Hungry Caterpillar story sack, a Rainbow Fish jigsaw, a hideous pink plastic shopping trolley, a train and track, a tub of threading beads and a scooter. I always let the children pick 2 items each and I pick 2 items, I feel this way everyone is happy. I did feel really sorry for Noel though as the train he picked doesn't work and the toy library isn't open again now until Thursday afternoon. He was so disappointed although he has enjoyed playing on the scooter he chose.
Our walk back from the toy library (in the rain, again) took us up until lunch time, and thankfully after lunch the weather picked up and we were able to play outside. I did some edging in the garden with the help of my little assistants, and Noel played "window cleaners" while I washed up.
After tea we all went out for another walk, with the bike and scooter, to post a new baby card to my friend from Antenatal. Well done R on the birth of baby Keir, born today at 12.20. I'm looking forward to visiting for a cuddle in a couple of weeks.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Pledges Update ....

I will offer one unwanted item on Freecycle or take to a charity shop...

I took advantage of Noel staying at Grandmas last night to give the childrens room a good sort out this morning. I quite enjoyed it, April and I were singing along and enjoying the decluttering process. This little lot will all be rehomed over the coming week, to either the charity shop, freecycle, the loft or playschool. I've 2 bags of clothes for them - pants, socks, tracksuit bottoms etc for their "accident drawer". Mr Wills and I also ripped up the front room carpet tonight, I freecycled it and someone is coming to collect it tomorrow to use on their allotment. I think I can consider my first pledge completed :0)

Friday, 15 August 2008

Pledges Update ....

I will cancel my telephone directory / Yellow pages...

Ring 0800 671 444 and select option 3. This line is only open Monday to Friday.

All done, so easy, took less than 30 seconds.

Double decker fun!

Grandma sent me this photo of Noel on the bus to my mobile.
April enjoying her ride on the double decker

Shoe shopping proved to be too much for April and she fell asleep on the walk home

Little Pleasures

Noel woke up in a very excited mood today as we were all due to meet Grandma Wells in town and Noel was going for a sleepover! More excited than sleeping at Grandmas however was the journey to get there. We all took the bus into town to meet Grandma and had a quick coffee together, it had to be quick because Noel was itching to get to Grandmas. The reason - the bus to Grandma's house is a double decker!! Little things like this please a 4 year old so much, its all he's talked about since he got up this morning.

April and I went for a walk around town, partly as a distraction (I didn't want her to be upset about having to stay with me and not go to Grandmas) and partly because April needed new shoes and I wanted some mix for the yoghurt maker. We had a lovely walk round town although it was very hot and my feet are throbbing as I sit and type this now. After our shopping and lunch in town we set off for the bus stop. Just as we got there, what should pull up but a double decker bus. Very rare to our neck of the woods. So April got a journey on a double decker too.

We didn't manage to get any shoes in town so we headed off to Clarks nearer home where April found out she was now a size 6 and chose a lovely pair in ... pink. She had wanted black but there were none on offer in her size. All that walking around proved too much though and on the way back she fell asleep. I shall wake her in a minute as her little friend is coming soon and we're all off to church for all ages worship. All in all a lovely day X

Friends old and New

I was absolutely delighted when the postman arrived yesterday bearing a mystery parcel. Mr Wills and I often joke that we need our own hub to keep our deliveries in as we prefer to shop on the internet rather than actually go out shopping *shudder*. However this parcel was not something I was expecting, it was a little present for Noel and April from one of the other mummies at the GP Forum - the lovely Mama4. Despite having never met any of us, she saw this little book and knew that my little ones would enjoy "nature spotting". Thank you Mama4 for your thoughtfulness - you put a big smile on everyone's face here xx

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Fun in the sun .. and rain!

Noel took this photo of me to send to Daddy via text message - shortly after I arrived home all squelchy and soggy. Apologies that you can see our front room "mid-redecoration".
Noel built this all by himself and had great fun doing it. He even puts cones across the door to the front room to stop me coming in - like a real building site. :0)

Eating their mid morning snack inside the tent.

Beautiful sunshine and lots of fun in the garden this morning

Sunshine and Squelchy Shoes!

The day started off so well, beautiful sunshine all morning and well in to the afternoon. We had a lovely time weeding the garden and the children pottered around helping here and there in between riding their bikes and playing in the stones (who wants the sandpit when you can play in mummys nice gravel) In fact it was so lovely the children had their snack and their lunch in the play tent on the lawn.
Fast forward to 5pm, on leaving Noels swimming lesson and the heavens just opened. Thankfully the children were lovely and dry in their bike trailer, merrily tucking in to their tea but the same can't be said for mummy who arrived home dripping well. So wet in fact that I could wring out my underwear and my shoes squelched! Still, nothing a nice warm bath didn't solve, in fact all 3 of us got in and had a wonderful time!

Zero Waste Challenges...

My lovely friend over at the Green Parent Forum (where I spend far too much of my time) also has a website called Zero Waste.

I've signed up for 4 pledges.

My pledges are
  • I will help a neighbour by taking their items to a recycling bank
  • I will talk to at least one family member or friend to promote recycling
  • I will offer one unwanted item on Freecycle or take to a charity shop
  • I will cancel my telephone directory / Yellow pages

I will report as and when how I get on with these. A lot of the pledges there are already part of our every day life - using the library, rechargable batteries (if we really MUST use batteries), planning a weekly menu & shopping accordingly and using a compost bin are 4 of the things we do without even thinking about them. Theres always room for improvement however and we still manage to fill half a wheelie bin a month so lets hope that these extra actions do just that little bit more ....

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Painting fun!

Enjoying some handpainting
Having fun doing "wheel" painting
Noelie showing off his K'nex dog. He loves making things and especially loves taking them apart again!

Rainy day fun

This morning we went off to Music Tots at the Salvation army. Thankfully my friend is better now and she took the class which meant I could sit and enjoy it with April and at some points even Noel joined in.
A quick walk into town to get some bits for the lucky cups game at playschool - we have to fit treats into a vending sized cup, cover it with paper and donate it to the playschool, it will be a bit like a lucky dip with a difference - and then home for some lunch.
It was raining quite heavily so after a few hectic days I decided that we would have some fun this afternoon. While April was asleep Noel and I had great fun choosing lots of photos to put in the childrens scrap book. Its a bit like a photo album really, with tickets, photos and little bits of memorabilia for them to reflect on and enjoy as they get older. A bit like an offline blog I suppose!
Once Noel had tired of this he asked for the paints out. We started out doing sponge painting, then we went on to doing finger painting and then he asked to do some wheel painting. At this point April joined in the fun too. It started off as a simple exercise involving rolling the car/truck through a saucer full of paint and running it over the paper, but then it turned into an exercise involving painting the actual truck and car. Very messy but the children enjoyed it and thats what its all about after all!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Little treats!

Some lovely scented lavender to enjoy

Noelie enjoying his ice lolly at Nannas - and who wouldn't!

Fun with Nanna

Once a week the children go to my mums so that I can do my volunteer work. It is usually on a monday but this week it was a Tuesday. Monday was spent moving furniture in the dining room and cleaning so it was nice to get out of the house today and see my mum.
It was raining really heavily so we all had to get kitted out in wellies and raincoats - I even wore mine and had great fun splashing in the puddles on the way to the bus!
When I came back from my volunteer work I found Noel on my mums swinging seat eating an ice lolly and April was fast asleep in bed. Mum and Noel went for a walk and picked me some lovely lavender to dry, which has made the dining room smell beautiful.
Thankfully we stayed dry on the walk home from the bus stop, the nights are definately drawing in and there is a real nip in the air. Autumn is on the way .... x

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Twin Lakes

April and I with our hair actually looking tidy for once - hence why I had to post this one!
Having fun on the assault course - despite the rain and cold brr

Noelie had lots of fun on the barrels with Auntie Jen

April loves cycling and she had lots of fun with this go-kart

Noel didn't like this ride - he said it was too bouncy! Thankfully no one else was on the ride so the attendant very kindly stopped it. I think Jenny was enjoying it thought :0)

OK this one is nothing to do with twin lakes, but it is my first ever attempt at making a log with my new log maker! It was great fun and the whole fires worth of logs kept me warm for a good couple of hours so a worthwhile investment.

A few more hours in the day would be nice!

I haven't blogged for a few days because in all honesty I just haven't had the time. Thursday and Friday we had a massive clean up and sort out after the builders left. Our house is nearly back to normal although we do still have the desk in the dining room but its been like that for a few months so I can't see a couple more weeks being any big deal.
On Saturday we had a fantastic day out with Music Tots, the pre-school singing group we go to at the Salvation Army. We went to Twin Lakes in Melton Mowbray and my good friend Jenny came along. It was a bit cold and wet (a bit?!) but we all had fun and I was really grateful to Jenny for her help with the children.
Today I've been to work (boo) and then we had a lovely afternoon at Stu's Mum and Dads - and we even had our dinner made for us. It was really nice for someone else to do the cooking & clearing up so I feel thoroughly pampered. I even had a practise driving the new car around the local supermarket car park. I only got up to 15 miles an hour at the most though so I don't think that the streets of Leicestershire are in any danger just yet ...

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Practice makes perfect

Too many early mornings made one little man very tired - so he had a quick nap at Nannas :0)

Here is Aprils little pump bag, she's not seen it yet but she knows about it - as she specifically asked for "Pink". I chose gingham as I thought it would be easier to sew, I'm a sewing novice and I thought the lines might help me sew a bit straighter. My mum did help me in that she told me what to do, but it was all my own handywork. I'm quite pleased with it, if I do say so myself.

Where does the time go?

Despite the fact that I have been up since 5.30, there still doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day! I spent the morning at my mums with the children, she played in the garden with me while I sewed a new pump bag for April. I'm particularly proud of it as its the first thing I've ever made! I just hope it doesn't fall apart now :0)
This afternoon I went to visit my lovely homestart family, I shall really miss them when my visits stop, I am sure I have learned more from them than they have from me!
And then this evening I have been cleaning up all the mess and rubbish that the builders left outside but at least my house feels like my own again.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Other nice things that have happened today....

Noel made this Dinosaur out of modelling clay this afternoon. He isn't usually that bothered by craft activities so imagine my delight when he ASKED if he could have the playdoh out!
My parcel came today from Natural Collection. A log maker, a yoghurt maker, some Faith in Nature conditioner, and my best buy of all an organic bikini that cost £2!!!!

Our small bedroom now looks like this, I'm really looking forward to seeing the final result.