Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Harvest Supper

On Monday, after a visit to my Homestart family and a quick trip to the Snibston Museum shop, it was time for the annual Harvest Supper at the Salvation Army. My mum came along too and a good time was had by all.

After our tea of jacket potatoes, apple pie and custard or trifle, the produce was auctioned off. Bids were fast and furious (especially over the sweets for some reason!) but I managed to get some potatoes and tomatoes at the bargain price of £1 for both!

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Sunny Autumn Day

Today has been an absolutely gorgeous day. My friend Jenny stayed over last night and spent the morning with us, then this afternoon the children and I have been weeding the garden and tidying it up a bit. We even got to eat our lunch outside - bliss!

Friday, 26 September 2008

More photos!

My lovely friend Rachel looked after the children for me on Wednesday while I was on a course, I've just opened my email and she very kindly sent me some photos of the children playing while I was out. I think they enjoyed themselves - do you?

Old photos

I've just been browsing on my husbands laptop at the photos and I found some old photographs of the children that I thought I would share with you. The quality isn't brilliant but I really enjoyed seeing how the children have changed and grown up over the past year ...

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

My wonderful husband!

I came home this afternoon to find my husband sitting on the settee reading a book (most unusual as I don't see him in the week as a rule) and this little surprise on the fireplace. Wow, what a lovely, thoughtful surprise. I love this man x

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Our day

All wrapped up and ready to go to JAM club.
Some of the Almond biscuits we made for JAM club and the librarians

Noelie has been playing with the camera again - he loves taking photos. He took this one at breakfast.


Its been a cold, wet day, which shouldn't really come as a surprise as its Tuesday and it always seems to rain on a Tuesday - usually just as I'm about to start cycling the children to playschool!
Today the children have been learning about fire safety, Noel dressed up as a fireman and April had lots of fun bouncing on a ball apparantly!
Once we got home Noel was straight outside playing in the garden, he was pretending to drill, I stood watching him for a few minutes, it was magic. He got a toy spade, and a hosepipe (to be the cable) and he was really going for it. Then it was inside for some playdoh time with April, and to get warm. Sometimes I watch the children playing together and I really can't believe that I am so lucky to have such amazing, funny, clever children.
We also did some baking this afternoon, Noel made some biscuits to take to JAM club and April made some for the librarians. Noel adores JAM club but its only on for an hour, so April and I always go to the library and chose our books for the week. The librarians in there know us quite well as we've been going since Noel was a baby, so I thought they might appreciate a little treat. Theres nothing like freshly baked biscuits and cakes - yummy!

Monday, 22 September 2008


Aprils choice of winter woolies - fingers crossed she will wear them as well!
Noelies choice of hat, scarf and gloves. I hope that by choosing them himself he will actually wear them once the cold weather comes!

The children lit a candle each and said a prayer for Uncle Christopher and Mrs Winstanley.

I said one for Emma Joan and for all the children who don't have a mummy and daddy.

Noel was fascinated with the fountain

Lovely Leicester Cathedral - my mum and I were confirmed here back in 1989.

A wonderful day

We've had an absolutely wonderful today at Chez Wills. Unfortunately Mr Wills had to go back to work after 5 days off so it was just myself and the little Wills'. I wasn't able to go to see my homestart family today so instead we caught the bus and had a wonderful day around Leicester instead.
It started off well, we were up and out without any raising of voices, house tidy, washing on the line, and at the bus stop in plenty of time where we were chatting to a lovely Indian lady.
Leicester was pretty quiet, I'm not one for busy towns and we had a lovely walk around "The Lanes". A visit to the health food shop "Currant Affairs" for toothpaste and goodies and a walk around the Cathedral and then we met up with April's Godmummy, Linda, for coffee. The children adore Linda, as do I, and they were very excited about seeing her.
After coffee it was back to work for Linda, while the children and I went for a stroll around the new John Lewis - new hats, scarves and gloves for the children and a play on all the toys for Noel while April napped. A quick detour to Hobbs before catching the bus home for dinner.
Its on days like today that I am glad I took the decision to home educate.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Seasonal Table Swap Gift

This is my WONDERFUL gift from Laura and Phoebe - the most beautiful Autumn baby I have ever seen and a bowl of felt leaves for the children to enjoy playing with. Thank you Laura for your kindness, time and generosity. xx
A beautiful wrapped parcel - it almost looks too beautiful to open!

Saturday, 20 September 2008


Not much to blog about as I've been at work all day, came home mid afternoon to find the children still in their pyjamas and I can't say I blame them!
Its the GP swap tomorrow, I'm v excited, I just hope my parcel arrived at its destination on time... I shall look forward to reporting back tomorrow evening after work ... x

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Photos from Wednesday

Lovely Lincoln!
Noel made himself a "laptop" computer with the sticklebricks

Mr Marshmallow Man

April with the "Marshmallow Man" that our next door neighbour bought her from Skegness.

A perfect day

It promises to be a perfect Autumnal day today, the sun is shining and I am looking forward to getting out in to the garden later with the children. Not before I've cleaned the house up a bit though - there's nothing like a bit of sunshine to show up all the dust!!

Stu is off work for 5 days now, so we took ourselves off to Lincoln yesterday for the day. We had a lovely time, browsing in the shops and enjoyed lunch in a cafe. I was looking for a body warmer but sadly none of the charity shops had anything in my size that I liked, but I'm sure if I keep looking one will turn up.

I'm going out with my girlfriends tonight, 5 of us are having a meal out so I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone and having a good time.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Bradgate Park

Some of the beautiful deer we saw
The children were fascinated watching the deer

Noelie "off roading"

Enjoying a good run around to let off some steam

Enjoying a lolly from the ice cream van

The Arrival of Autumn

Its been a gorgeous weekend, the sun has been shining and everyone's mood seems to have instantly lifted after the torrential rain we have had for the past week.

We are now looking forward to the start of Autumn, I am trying to put together a seasonal table, although I am struggling to find a home for it. I am still making my seasonal table gift, for the Green Parent swap. I actually made it last week on Monday and left it to dry, ready to paint, but when I came home from work today full of ideas of an afternoons painting I found it was still wet! Hopefully it will be dry and ready for me to paint tomorrow evening as I want to get it in the post by Weds at the latest. We are opening our gifts on Sunday, although I will have to wait until the evening to open mine as I'm at work that day until 3pm.
Yesterday morning I took the children out on their bikes to make the most of the sunshine and then in the evening we had a lovely family walk around Bradgate Park in Leicestershire. The sun was shining and Noel was having a wonderful time climbing into potholes and "off roading" (ie finding big muddy holes to climb in and out of). Stu and the children had ice creams, and then to top it all off we called in to the chip shop on the way home for a late supper. Magic :0)

Friday, 12 September 2008

Toy Library Goodies

This week we chose a Peter Rabbit story sack. The children also chose a sit on bike each, which I will no doubt post some pictures of in the week as we go out and about with them
April chose this "lovely" spider. Despite the fact that she hates spiders and cries when she seems them!!

Noel has been playing with this lego all morning so far - he loves making things and taking them apart.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Where has the week gone!!

I can't believe its Friday tomorrow already, the week has passed by in a blur.
Tuesday was playschool and also a very wet day! I got soaked cycling the children to playschool and have made a mental note to look into getting them some waterproof suits - with the downpours we've been having I think it would be a wise investment. I left them and went off for a lovely relaxing swim and a hot chocolate (fairtrade of course!) in the cafe afterwards - all courtesy of my mum - thank you mummy X In the evening it was JAM club for Noel and the library for April and I - and more rain.
Wednesday was music tots, and I ran the class again as Sheila is on holiday this week and after a quick lunch we went to look around a different playschool for April. I love the playschool she goes to at Thringstone, its second to none, but I would like a more local one we could walk to - again it would only be one morning a week - so that I can come home with Noel and do some uninterrupted learning. We have another to look around next week as well.
Today - phew - where do I start. Lots of household tasks to catch up on, a trip to the toy library and Noels swimming lesson as well. We had lots of fun reading Peter Rabbit and acting out the story tonight. I can see I'm going to enjoy this story sack as much as the other two we've had. Photos to follow shortly...

Monday, 8 September 2008

Latest photos

Noel -playing with the salt dough - he made an elephant with his
April using the letter cutters with the salt dough
Noelie with a helicopter he made out of lego

April having fun with the wooden blocks tub while I was at work

No Monday Blues for us

I used to hate monday mornings, getting up, going off to the work after a lovely weekend off. Of course now things are different and I work at the weekend and have the weekdays with my family.
Usually Mondays are spent doing my volunteer work but I didn't have to go today so my mum came to visit us instead.
We had a lovely walk into town this morning and came home for soup and sandwiches. Noel was extra pleased as my mum brought the lego with her - it belongs to my 2 younger brothers so Noelie knows he can only borrow it but he really enjoys it and is very technically minded. It kept Noel quiet while April napped, and I got chance to make my seasonal table exchange gift - part one anyway....
After mum went home we did some painting, some salt dough modelling, played with the playdough and made dinner together. I like to get the children involved when I can and I do try to encourage them to try different foods - Noel is very keen and really wants to try everything, where as April is a little less adventurous and likes to stick with what she knows.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

My sides hurt!

I went to see Paddy McGuinness last night with my good friend Rachel. For those of you who don't know who he is - he is best known for playing Paddy in Max and Paddy/Phoenix nights. He also does the Greggs adverts. I can't remember the last night I laughed so much, well worth every penny and a brilliant night out.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Rain, rain, rain!

Like the rest of the country it has been solid rain today. That hasn't spoilt out fun today though and we've done footprint painting, brush painting and made some gingerbread biscuits. We also cleaned the fire out, which should really be a 10 minute job but these things always take twice as long when you have got 2 helpers!
My camera doesn't seem to be behaving itself so unfortunately my photos have got a bit of an orange tinge to the them and are blurred so I'll have to skip posting any pictures until Mr Wills has had a look at it.
Two pieces of exciting news (to us anyway) we picked our first apples last night off our "Elsa tree" - Noel ate one with his breakfast, and April had one stewed with raisins, honey and oats (She won't any raw fruit or vegetables). And the best bit of news of all - Noel got his second swimming certificate yesterday.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Its been so cold today! This afternoon we made some logs and then after tea we lit a fire and played board games, it was lovely and cosy!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

First day at playschool

Noel wanted his photo taking as well, although the complete opposite of his sister, he didn't want to wear a coat.

April all ready to go for her first day at playschool. She insisted that she put on her "playschool coat" before I took a photograph! This was at 8am this morning, she was very excited - to put it mildly!

Happy Moments, Sad Moments

Its been a mixed bag of a day so far. Today would have been my elder brothers 38th birthday. Sadly he passed away 15 years ago and life has never been the same again for my family. The children and I plan on lighting a candle later and singing "Happy Birthday", although Noel is a bit concerned that his Uncle Christopher won't hear him in Heaven as "its such a long way away".

The other big piece of news is that today it was April's 1st day at playschool. She was so excited that at 8am this morning she had her "playschool coat" on and was playing outside, full of anticipation of the morning ahead. Ironically, April went off ok, a bit quiet at first but she settled in after a while (we have been lots of times as I like to help out regularly) but Noel didn't want to be left there and was trying to get me to bring him back home! He is finishing at Christmas and if the shops are anything to go by that moment will be here all too soon!!
While the children were at playschool, I went to visit my friend Rowan and her new baby Keir. Keir is 2 weeks old today and absolutely gorgeous. I took some shortbread and presents for her 3 boys, plus a bracelet I'd had made for her. I found a bracelet invaluable when breastfeeding, as a reminder of which side to use, and if not then she has a lovely piece of unique jewellry.
Noel is now counting down the hours until he can go to JAM club, at the Salvation Army, it starts at 6, and April has just snuggled down in my bed for a nap.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Photos from the last few days

Lynda's fairtrade Stall * Lovely wild strawberry plants

* Playing with the playdough * cards for Connie's birthday

The children playing with one of the boardgames we were given * playing in the garden when their friend came to visit

Our apple tree, I planted this when my lovely Labrador Elsa passed away last year. * April taking Sid for a walk. * Lovely coats from LesleyA - minus one which found a new home as it was unpacked ...


Crumbs, I meant to post over the weekend but unfortunately work got in the way of that and now its monday evening. Where does the time go?!!
Thursday we had a lovely but very busy day. Lots of visitors including one friend who brought me some lovely board games for the children to play, and another who came on a playdate while her mummy went to work. We also had a fabulous parcel of coats for April from one of the mummies over at the fabulous Green Parent Forum. Thank you so much, LesleyA, they're wonderful!
Friday was a really busy day. We walked into our local town centre to do some errands and to visit the lovely Lynda in her fairtrade shop. Lynda has a market stall the last Friday and Saturday of every month. We bought quite a few bits and pieces. To find out why fairtrade is so important visit -http://www.traidcraftshop.co.uk or you can contact Lynda on lyndadu@aol.com
Saturday was a day for gardening. I went to collect some wild strawberry plants that were advertised on Freecycle in the morning and we spent the afternoon digging and planting them. I have 2 wonderful helpers when it comes to gardening, they love digging (especially Noel) so it makes the workload much more fun.
Sunday I was at work all day - boo. I did find time when I got back to do some sticking and gluing with the children. Noel made some pictures for my mum's friend Connie who is 93 this week. The children adore Connie, she is so kind to them.
Today I've been to see my lovely homestart family, and then I nipped into Loughborough before going to collect the children. I love to go into Elf Foods http://www.elffoods.com and I also treated myself to a new academic diary as my other is falling to bits!