Friday, 31 October 2008

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

Stu took this photo with the camera timer while we were on holiday - as you can see we all had a great time. Except for one little boy who didn't want his photo taking. It makes me laugh every time I look at it so I thought I would share it with you all.

Party Time

Noelie and Suzanne hitting the dance floor

Dancing to "Cinderella" - Aprils choice of game

The children asked if they could have a party last week, not for any particular reason, just because they wanted a party! I decided to turn it into a mini project, so the children made an invite (for Uncle Phil), planned what food they wanted (jam sandwiches, orange squash and crisps) and what games they wanted to play (hide and seek and musical bumps to name just 2). We made a chocolate cake and goodie bags and a good time was had by all. Phil brought one of his friends, Suzanne, who was an extremely good sport and joined in with all the fun and games.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Wonderful Holiday!

We have just come back from a lovely short break, we all had a great time and despite being full of cold (still) I feel much better for a break. The hotel was lovely, and the weather stayed dry so smiles all round. We even managed a walk on the beach!

I have just been sent an email with this quote at the bottom and I thought I would share as its so true:-

'The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything.'

And on that note I'm going to climb into bed now and try to catch up on some sleep xx

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Enjoying our pyjama day

Our lovely orange cake, which I sliced into fingers. I sometimes drizzle lemon icing on them to make them extra yummy

April had fun stamping and sticking to make this card for Denise

Noel was very proud of his bottle man - it was all his own idea too

Having fun raiding the craft drawers

Nearly a Pyjama Day

Thursdays are my number one favourite day of the week as its usually the one time I can guarantee to spend the morning at home. People worry about home educated children being stuck at home, with nothing to do all day but in our case I worry we don't spend enough time at home!
After a lovely day on Wednesday shopping in Leicester with Grandma Wells, we decided to make Thursday a pyjama day. We had a lovely morning doing crafts - Noel made a bottle man as seen on "Button Moon" and April made a card for Denise. We had a lovely time sitting together at the table and letting our imaginations run wild! We also made a lovely orange cake, which I have since cut into fingers and put into the freezer - otherwise the fairies eat it when the children are in bed ;0) We thoroughly enjoyed our time at home and only got dressed at 3pm when it was time for me to take Noelie to his swimming lesson. Naturally, on cue, it started to rain and I got drenched.
For some reason I have had the desire to sort out my cupboards and drawers this week, and so far I have sorted out the kitchen drawer, 2 kitchen cupboards, the childrens wardrobe, the home education box (where I keep things I've picked up on my travels, spare paper etc), and the craft drawers. I have a huge bag to take to the charity shop now and every where feels so much better. I also wrapped up all the stocking fillers I have been collecting for the children and put them out of sight. Phew! It looks quite a lot when I look at it here but its been quite a cathartic and enjoyable experience, all done in little bursts here and there. I think next on my list is my wardrobe and the main kitchen cupboard and then I should be about done. I just wish the builder and the "damp man" would be back to me so that we can get the front room sorted out.
We're off for a few days holiday next week so first on my list when we get home is to get it all sorted out and organised, I think we've lived without wallpaper and carpet long enough now!

Monday, 20 October 2008

Gifts from Nanna

Mondays is always my day with my mum and up until last week was my volunteer work day, however thats all finished now until the new year so mum kindly took us all shopping this morning and then back to her house for lunch. I was planning on stocking up on some charity shop bargains but I think someone must have got there first as I got nothing! It was so nice just to wander around the shops though and have an extra pair of hands and eyes to help with the children - what luxury!

On Saturday my parents went to see my Grandad and Grandma and brought back the most enormous clown for April which was kindly knitted by a friend of my Grandmas. April insisted on taking it in the pushchair - there was hardly any room for her.

And not to be outdone, Noelie got his hands on this enormous apple - which he insisted on putting on his head for the photo.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Keep your fingers crossed...x

The children have gone to stay at Grandma Wells' and I've just sat and filled in an eleven page application form for the library - it took an hour and a half! Keep your fingers crossed for me that something comes of it.
And how are Mr Wills and I spending our saturday night alone? By going to Borders to browse the books in peace and then on the Lancaster in Desford for a "grown up" meal for 2. I've even arranged to start work at 8 instead of my usual 6....
And when they come home there is a lovely surprise for them. Their bunkbeds are here and Stuart has put them up and I've sorted out their room, I'm nearly as excited as they will be tomorrow!!

Friday, 17 October 2008

Our mini adventure!

A wonderful parcel of surprises that kept the smiles going all afternoon ... x

On the way home - Noel was just as happy pushing the pram as he was riding the bike
Gorgeous gardens - very relaxing - unless of course you have 2 small children with you running around ;0)
The beautiful manor house at Donington le Heath

" Mr Squirrel" and "Big Baby" enjoyed their walk with April

At the start of our exploring adventure...

Having fun on the swings

A home made tent under the table, very cosy!

Sunshine and Surprises

The Autumn sun has made an appearance today, lifting the spirits and making us all smile. I wasn't sure what to do today but I decided on a trip to the park, after all, who knows when we will get another gorgeous day like this.
What was going to be a quick trip to the park turned into a 3 hour excursion. April took her pram and Noel borrowed Aprils bike and off we went. After a play at the park and lots of fun on the swings Noel decided that he wanted to explore. So off we set over the fields, looking at the hedgerows and chatting away. Then we ended up in the next village so we walked all the way back to ours, stopping off on the way at The Manor House, which is basically a medieval manor house with lots of interesting original pieces in. The gardens there are gorgeous, I used to walk Noelie round there when he was a baby, on the days when I felt like I had to get out of the house. When we got back from our expedition, Mr Postman (I can say this, he is definately a man) had been with a lovely surprise parcel from Mama4 from the GP Forum for the children. A lovely autumn crafting pack, some princess stampers from April - who is princess mad - and some beautiful fish for Noel for us to enjoy a project with. Lots of beautiful things for us to enjoy on those not so sunny days. Thank you so much Mama4, your kindness really touched me x

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Learning .. for everyone

I've decided to keep a diary of Noels "official" learning so that if we are inspected by the LEA I can show them what we are doing. I'm quite surprised as how much we actually do, even when it doesn't feel like we are doing anything. I am now teaching Noel to read so I've been making notes on the words he is learning etc. I was surprised to learn today when I spoke to a friend that her son who is at school hasn't started to learn to read yet, and he only brings home picture books. I don't feel so bad now that Noelie only knows a few words and when I feel like we haven't done much I can look over the pages and see just how much we actually do in a day.

My Homestart family finished yesterday, I have mixed feelings, happy in one way as it frees up my day again (it was very time-consuming as a lot of bus travel was involved) and sad in another as I really enjoyed going. The mum made me a lovely card to say thank you and I hope we will keep in touch. I also got another lovely card from a friend who recently had a baby for the presents I bought/made them both.

The children have both been to pre-school this morning, and on the way back we stopped off at the council offices to collect a "smart meter" which we now have on loan for 3 weeks. Its FOC but we have to keep a diary in return. I'm looking forward to having a good look at it later. The children also enjoyed playing in all the leaves and collecting twigs outside the offices. The picture is of Noel and Aprils handiwork - today they have been talking about jobs and what they want to do when they grow up. Noel wants to be a footballer and April wants to be ... a Gingerbread man!!

Monday, 13 October 2008

Policemen and Fairies

I took a policeman and a fairy on the bus today to see my mum, aka Noel and April! Unfortunately as April has her coat on its not really possible to see her dress, but she had the whole caboodle - wings, wand, pretty shoes etc. Its quite a long walk to the bus station so April still goes in the pushchair, it also means I can load it up with all the goodies we need. I don't know how I'll manage once she no longer needs it, buy a backpack I guess!!

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Dancing Queen

I gave the children's bedroom a good sort out today and moved all the furniture around. Its been driving me nuts as there is hardly room in there to swing a cat (not that I've tried, Harvey can vouch for me). Theres still not much room but we have ordered the children some bunk beds today - hoorah. We were going to buy them for Christmas anyway so its simply an early Christmas present but hopefully it will make a big difference to the amount of space in the childrens room.
While sorting out their room I brought out the box of "big" clothes, clothes that I pick up, or have been given to us, or that are simply too big regardless of the size label and we had a trying on session. April took rather a shine to her new swimming costume, she said she was a ballerina in in and proceeded to give us an impromptu dancing show. She even put it on again at bedtime, over her pyjamas, although I did manage to persuade her to take it off once it was time to go to sleep.

Friday, 10 October 2008


Today is my little brothers birthday - I saw "little" - he's 26 and way taller than me! We went over to visit him today and took his birthday cards, "man" and cake. He seemed very pleased and it was nice to spend the time with him. We all had lunch in the tea rooms before the children and I got the bus back.

Enjoy the rest of your day Phil, we all love you lots XX

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Sunshine Days

I love the Autumn sunshine, so uplifting and energy giving. Its amazing how much better everything seems when the sun makes an appearance.

This morning got off to a busy start when Noel announced he wanted to do some "craft" as soon as he got up. Most unusual as he isn't usually a fan of any sort of craft activity. He decided he wanted to make a man for Uncle Phils birthday tomorrow and so he did, all by himself. All I helped with was sticking a few bits of sticky tape on the back as the glue he was using wasn't holding the pipe cleaners in place. He was so keen he didn't even eat any breakfast first.

After a bowl of porridge each we set about making birthday cards for Phil, again I let the children have "free reign" - its their artwork and ideas after all. Noel made one with buttons and pipe cleaners and April favoured stickers and stamper pens.

Once we were cleared away the children set about playing with the wooden blocks and my brother James' old Mr Potato Head. They both love this and its come a long way since I was little and we used a real potato! Noel made a model of "Grandad" complete with an earring. I wouldn't like to comment on the resemblance!

Then came the best bit of the day, making a birthday cake! April asked to lick the spoon after every item was added, and if I let her would have licked flour, butter, sugar, raw eggs and cocoa! However, in the interests of hygiene I asked her to wait until we had finished and hopefully it was worth the wait. The cake is now made and just needs decorating before tomorrow when we take it over to the Birthday Boy.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Making "Oil"

After a morning of singing and dancing at music tots, what could be nicer than an afternoons play in the garden? While April napped Noel had a wonderful time in the garden, making "oil" for Daddy's car. Quite what has gone into this connoction I can only imagine but if it works, then we're sitting on a goldmine :-)

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Tuesday fun

The children have been to playschool this morning, it was wet and windy but it give us chance to try out the new all in one suits I bought them a couple of weeks ago. They seemed to do the job and as I bought the next size up I am hoping they will get a years worth of wear out of them.
Stuarts mum - "Grandma Wells" - came home from America last week after visiting family there and brought with her a box of hairslides and bobbles for April with Disney Princesses on and 2 vehicles from the Pixar film "Cars" for Noelie. April is Cinderella mad and Noelie loves Lightening McQueen so a good choice all round there Grandma :0) April insisted on wearing 2 bobbles and all her hairslides this morning for playschool. Its her hair so I let her. And guess what, she still looked a scruff when I picked her up :0)

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Wedding Belles

BOTH of my little brothers are getting married next year, so lucky me I have 2 fantastic events to go to next year!!

I've just bought this dress for James and Hannah's wedding - I'm not sure whether I'll wear the scarf or not, but I love how the colours go together and it was chosen especially to complement the bride and grooms choice of colour scheme. I bought the shrug, scarf and fascinator in April from York but I was saving them for a special occasion. I think this might just be special enough ;0)

My outfit for Phil and Becca's wedding was also chosen to complement the colour scheme - but as its already hanging in the wardrobe and April is asleep upstairs at the moment I'll post that another time. I already have some shoes to go with that dress, also known as my "lucky shoes" as I was wearing them when I met my own husband, the lovely Stuart. I hope they work a little of their magic at the wedding and bring Phil and Becca lots of "happy ever afters" xx

Cracking cheese Gromit!

Heres Noelie enjoying a couple of cherry tomatoes at lunch time :0)