Thursday, 27 November 2008

Good News, Bad News

The good news of the day is that Noel got his 3rd swimming badge today - well done Noel! He's moving up a group in January and will be having his lessons as a slightly earlier time, and with a new teacher so all change for the new year there.
The bad news of the day is that I don't feel my interview went so well. I received so many texts and emails wishing me good luck - and of course the lovely comments on here - which really gave me a boost - thanks everyone! I just don't feel it went as well as it could have done - some of the questions were so hard!! Still, I did enjoy reading the Hungry Caterpillar to them, and if nothing else I got to see what happens at the back of the library :0)
I shall know by the beginning of the week but I'm not holding my breath...

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Todays Project

We went to music tots this morning at the Salvation Army, and came home with an extra child - my friends daughter came to play for the afternoon. While she was here we finished Noel's aquarium. He's chuffed to bits with it.

I've got my interview at the library tomorrow and I'm starting to feel quite sick with nerves about it all. I've prepared some questions, got all my documents ready to take and ironed my shirt but I still somehow feel unprepared. I have to have a formal interview and also do an ICT test, a maths test, an english test and read a story to the interview panel as though I were reading to a group of under-fives. Personally I think that is the easy bit!! I've chosen The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Tuesday fun

This afternoon the children have enjoyed painting and baking. Noel wants to make an aquarium and April wants to make a monkey so today they have done the first part so that tomorrow we can do the main part of the activity when the paint is dry. Naturally April wants to paint a pink monkey as everything is either pink or has Cinderella on it at the minute.

While the paint was drying we made some tiny fairy cakes, which the children then enjoyed icing and decorating all by themselves once they had cooled down. I don't mind them having a bit of icing as the cakes are so tiny, one mouthful and they're gone - oh is that just me??!!

Our weekend

Stu and I went to see Paul Weller on Saturday night at the Arena in Nottingham, it was my Wedding Anniversary present to him. I have to say Mr Weller exceeded all my expectations, although I'm not a massive fan, I really enjoyed myself, and I hope Stu did too! He sang constantly for over 2 hours, and he made my night by singing "You're the best thing" which I absolutely love. It was fabulous, even paying £2.50 for a thimblefull of ice cream didn't dampen my spirits.

On Sunday we went to collect the children from Stu's mum and dads and enjoyed a lovely tea and a delicious baked alaska .

Friday, 21 November 2008

Thank goodness!

The front room is now plastered, so its over to Stu for the rest of the work - namely painting the walls, laying the floor & fitting the skirting boards. I get the easy bit - choosing the paint & some new curtains :-)

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Birthday Photographs

On a very cold, windy bike ride

Enjoying a little nap on the way home from Barneys

April with her new bike - all afternoon she kept telling me "its so beautiful"

Rachel and Robyns turn to have fun

Enjoyig the slide at Barneys

Having fun in the ball pool at Barneys

April proudly showing off her cake just after blowing out her candles

Happy Birthday April!

Our darling April Elizabeth Hazel is 3 years old today. In fact the first thing she said she woke up was "Mummy, I am 3 now!" at the top of her voice.
We had a little tea party for her yesterday with Nanna as I wanted there to be someone else there when she blew out her candles (thankfully the Belle cake was well received, phew).
Today we have been to Barneys which is a soft play centre, Aprils little friend Robyn came too, and mummy Rachel of course, and on the way back we called into the tea rooms for toasted teacakes. April fell asleep on the way home and is still asleep now so as yet she hasn't opened her presents from us, just a few presents from family and her cards. Noel is watching the builders, I hope he learns how to plaster, it'll save me a fortune!
We're off to Noelies swimming lesson later, and April has requested tea in the cafe, so her presents might have to wait until the morning as it will be bed time by the time I've pedalled home. Thats not such a bad thing though as we will have a full day to enjoy them.
Looking around at the sea of pink I am starting to appreciate what its like to have a little girl - and its fabulous!!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Our front room currently looks like this ....

My own little builder

The first builder has been and gone. He has injected the walls and then applied render over the top. We left them to it while we went to the Drs and when we got back they were eating their lunch in their van. Noel then decided that he wanted to eat his lunch in his car, so he could pretend to be a builder - he even spoke in a gruff voice!!


Although its not Aprils birthday until Thursday, my mum is coming over tomorrow and we are going to have a little party lunch for April. I thought I would make her cake a day early so my mum can watch her blow out her candles and, of course, take a piece (or two) home. However, I think I may be in trouble as April specifically asked for a Cinderella chocolate cake and on opening the Princess decorations box I discovered .. no Cinderella!! So she now has a Belle birthday cake instead...

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Shoe Boxes for Samaritans Purse

Two shoes boxes for 2 children not as fortunate as Noel and April. I like to put a christmas card and a photo in there as well. I just hope they bring a little bit of joy to someone this Christmas.

Update on the house...

The damp man is coming on Tuesday, the builder on Wednesday but for now the house looks like this ....

6 Years of Wedded Bliss today...

They do say time flies when you're having fun, and Mr Wills and I are celebrating 6 years of happy wedded union today. Before you gasp in horror that he has bought me a Steamer Set, fear not Gentle Reader, that is actually a (much wanted) present from my mum and dad. Thanks mummy and daddy xx

This is my present from Mr Wills, crumbs, just realised you have all seen my undies now - oh well...!

And my present to Mr Wills, 2 tickets to see Mr Paul Weller and a little token gift for him to open today

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Another broken night

I am beginning to wonder what it must feel like to have a full nights sleep! Last night I was up 3 times to the little cherubs. Noelie has a cough and it was hurting him, he wanted to get into my bed but I knew that if he did, April would want to follow and then the 3 of us would have no sleep whatsover - I know this from experience!

I managed to persuade them both to get back in to their own beds, eventually, and Noel was placated with a spoonful of cough medicine, unlike April, who also has a cough and won't take anything.

So there was no swimming lesson today and very little in the way of education really other than "playing". We got wrapped up and went to the toy library this morning where we borrowed "Happy Village". Noel and April have had great fun playing with this and acting out the characters. Its really a joy to watch.

I am hoping that tomorrow (Friday) we can have a nice cosy day at home, and enjoy playing with the latest toy library goodies.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Before the work is done...

I am looking forward to posting some "after pictures" - whenever that might be!

Treats of all kinds!

Chocolate shortbread lollipops ready to go in the oven

New shoes for 2 little pairs of feet - chosen all by themselves

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Izzy Wizzy Lets Get Busy!

Its been a really busy few days here at Chez Wills. I'm DELIGHTED to let you all know that we are having the damp work done next week - hoorah! We've emptied the front room out ready and Stu is going to take the plaster off over the weekend ready.
Yesterday I took the children to John Lewis for new shoes and last week they had their hair cut so they look a bit less scruffy now!
We've borrowed mums breadmaker and I have some teacake dough in there at the minute, I'm looking forward to enjoying one after tea, all toasted and spread with butter, yummy!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Firework Free Fun

We were due to go to my friends house this evening for some quiet fireworks and a bit of a party but Noel isn't a fan of loud bangs and he kept asking if we could stay at home. One more than one occasion he was very clearly shaken up and frightened by all the firework noises outside so I rang my friend and cancelled. Instead we put some music on to try and mask the bangs and whizzes outside and I made some popcorn. After the children had eaten what they wanted to we spent our evening threading them on to some cotton to hang on the apple tree for the birds.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

A lovely surprise

The postman delivered a lovely surprise package from my best friend Sue today. Two beautiful Christmas decorations from Brimsmore garden centre in Yeovil. What a lovely surprise, so thoughtful, thanks best mate xx

Sunday, 2 November 2008

All Coming Together!

We had a visit from the builder today, he can come and do the plastering in the front room in 2 weeks time, which leave us this week to find a replacement "damp man". Stu's dad is coming on Sunday to help remove the radiator and take off the plaster ready for the work doing so we'd better work fast! I can't wait to get it done now, its really starting to get me down, but until we've had the damp work and the plastering done we can't do anything else either like lay the new floor, or have the cupboard built.
I've still got the organising bug and this afternoon I spent a pleasant few hours (I must be getting old!) sorting through my wardrobe and my drawers. Its just as well I like organising and moving things around as we will be moving the "front room" into the dining room next week and it will be staying like that until all the work is done - and goodness knows how long that will take!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Favourite Treats

Stuey had made us all a lovely apple crumble to enjoy later, I'm looking forward to mine already and I've not even had tea yet!