Saturday, 23 May 2009

My little lego project

How it all started... I'd like to say Noel was helping but he actually kept picking bits up and going "cool, look at this mummy!" although he did enjoying being a "grabber" and putting them in the correct drawer once I put them in his hands.
After a while he got fed up playing that and we just tipped them out and went for broke. At this point Noel was being a "roadsweeper" and most of the lego bricks ended up all over the floor as he moved his hands round in little circular movements...

And here is how they look now. Sorted by their correct colour, apart from 2 drawers. One forthe instructions and roads and one for  "special" bits - such as wheels, lego men, and all sorts of bits that don't seem to fit anwhere else.

Friday Fun

After the museum we went to eat our lunch in the park, and to enjoy some fun in the play area.  April really enjoyed playing on the swings and Noel was in his element in the massive sandpit, pulling it up on a pulley system and then tipping it down a pipe again. 

We went to the Charnwood Museum which was brilliant fun, and best of all it was free! Noel and April are pictured here playing with the cranes. I'm not quite sure how much of it all they took in but I can but try!

We had a brilliant day on Friday in Loughborough. To start off, before we even got there the children were beside themselves as we got to ride on a Double Decker!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Making Fun

Thanks to the wet weather we have had lots of fun indoors making things. 

Yesterday we enjoyed splitting a vanilla pod and making some real ice cream (not nearly as much as eating it though!!) and we also had fun with some junk modelling. Noel made a "stereo".

Mum has been busy stitching and has sewed a beautiful "cinderella" onto Aprils blanket, she is in her element. Cinderella is her all time favourite.

Speaking of makes, I purchased 2 drawer units today to store the lego in. The idea being that it will be sorted out by colour, thus making it easier to search through. Quite how long it will last I don't know - probably not as long as it will take me to sort it all out in the first place . . . 

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Noelie and April absolutely loved having a train ride - I quite enjoyed it too!

April loves Harvey, she had just finished cuddling him when i took this.

Noel and April planted some conkers last autumn when out on a nature walk with mum. I repotted some this morning in to a bigger pot but we really enjoyed looking at them, how they split and the shoots coming out.

How the wall looks now!

Noel helping me wash the bike trailer at 8am this morning

James, Hannah and Noel having fun at the train museum

Long time, no blog...

Time has just flown by of late so apologies there has been no update on the blog for a while.
We have been up to all sorts of exciting things, and some not so exciting - such as trying to get the car to work!
I took the children to York for a few days on the train, to stay with my youngest brother James and his Fiance Hannah. Both the children were very excited and had a great time. Noel was wide awake at 5.30am asking when we could go to the train museum! 
I have also been busy knocking down the wall. It is now finished but due to a broken car and restrictions at the tip I still have quite a bit of rubble to move, although its going down slowly but surely - thanks mum ;-)