Thursday, 22 April 2010

Enjoying the sunshine!

At last, it seems Spring is finally here - hoorah!

We have spent lots of time out in the garden this week, I have been sitting on the swinging seat sewing mainly, and the children have had lots of fun digging and playing on the swings.

The patch of soil where the sandpit is at the moment is going to be transformed into a new home for the playhouse this weekend. It used to be my veggie patch but this year my heart hasn't been in it. We are going to flatten it at the weekend, buy some stones to cover it and then move the playhouse on to it, so it at least looks a bit more attractive. Someone told us that carpet makes a better base than sheeting for the stones so we will have to keep our eyes peeled on free-cycle.

Noel took the second photo this morning, I am now looking pregnant rather than just tubby! I can't believe I am 23 weeks already - the time is going by so fast. We had our second scan last week which was lovely, it was very detailed but I did tell the radiographer I didn't want to know the gender just in case its offered as standard these days! I still have my feelings on what is but one thing is certain - we will know for sure in August!

Enjoy the sunshine everyone xx

Friday, 2 April 2010

Easter Fun

We spent a very relaxing day yesterday pottering around in our pyjamas and doing some easter crafts and activities.

April with her Easter Cakes

Noel with his Easter Cakes

Having fun decorating the cakes

Their handiwork - all ready for the egg hunt on Sunday

Noel and April having fun making up their Easter Masks

Thursday, 1 April 2010

All aboard!

On Tuesday I met up with my friend and her children at Snibston Discovery Park. We always have a great time when we get together and because it was the school holidays the train was running.

Noel, Philippa and Harriet were extra excited as the train driver let them all go in the engine with him, taking it in turns to help drive - and of course pull the horn!