Friday, 30 July 2010

An unwanted makeover

Noel and April went to play with their friends yesterday for a few hours while I waddled down to the doctors to pick up a scan form. When they got back I noticed April was wearing a headband but I didn't think much of it as she often wears one when eating her tea so as not to get food in her hair. Imagine my surprise (read distress) when I discovered that in fact her little friend had given her a makeover whilst playing hairdressers and had, in fact, cut Aprils fringe off and great big chunks out of the back of her hair. The back I can handle but I was beside myself when I saw the fringe. To her credit my friend has apologised and offered to come round and try and fix the problem but for now I would rather just go to the hairdressers (again, we were only there 2 weeks ago - there won't be a french plait this time) and see what they can advise. I think we are going to have to go for a short bob but theres not much I can do about the fringe other than hide it under a headband. I really could have done without this 3 weeks before the baby is due, especially as I know I want photos of the 3 children together. Now I have calmed down I can see reason - at least no-one was hurt, its only hair, she could have cut a lot more off, it will grow back etc etc but yesterday I really was beside myself, sobbing on the phone to Stuart and I will admit, cursing my friend for not keeping an eye on her 6 year old daughter.

Aprils new look fringe.

It doesn't look too bad from a distance ...

This is how I will be seeing April for the foreseeable future. I did take a photo of the back but its not very clear.

On to other things, I've been to Coalville hospital this morning with the children for a growth scan. The midwife sent me as a precautionary measure as the baby was not showing any growth from last week. The baby is showing as "normal" sized for my dates but on the smaller side of "normal" - if that makes sense. Having delivered a 8lb 3oz and a 9lb 11oz baby I can't imagine any baby I will give birth to will be small (and lets face it, theres another possible 5 weeks growth so plenty of time for that to change). As ever I have asked my budding junior photographers to take an update, so here are todays offerings.

Aprils photo...

Noel's photo ...

This is my first weekend of maternity leave and we are treating ourselves to a weekend in Leeds. This is mainly to see my Grandma but we are also planning to have a look around Leeds city centre. I treated Stuart to a record player with my last "proper" wage packet so I think he is quite keen to buy some more vinyl to play on it. I hope there are plenty of coffee shops where I can sit and get my breath back as "shop til you drop" has another meaning these days. And just on the off chance Baby Wills does decide to come early I will be taking my notes and overnight bag in the car!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend xx

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Maternity Leave

I'm very pleased to say I finished work on Sunday, its been a bit of a struggle these last few weeks. I certainly won't miss the 6am starts or trouble-causing colleagues either. Correction, I won't miss getting in the car and driving to work at 6am, I am realistic enough to know I won't be getting a lie in when the baby arrives!! I will miss having a break from family life though (perhaps I shouldn't admit to this but I think we all need a little time away) and of course, the money has been a big factor in my return to work as well. I've asked for a year off but whether I return remains to be seen...

I was surprised though that work had a collection for me, I'm only weekend staff and I don't know that many people. I was even more shocked when I opened my card and found £30! I shall put it in Baby Wills' money box before I have another mishap. I perhaps shouldn't admit to this either but last night I couldn't find the money anywhere. I eventually realised where it was and got out of bed in the middle of the night to go routing through the bin. Yes, I'd left it in the envelope the card came in and I'd put it on the fire (our recycling collection won't take envelopes) ready for the next fire we have. Thankfully in a peak of energy last night I had decided to clean the fire out so I had picked it up along with the ashes and put it in a bin bag. Sure enough when I went to look, there it was, sitting in the envelope, in the bag, in the bin. Oops. On the bright side, at least I hadn't burnt it...

The lovely cards I have received over the past week - the pink one is from Noel and April and has a picture of me with the baby in my tummy. They didn't draw me any arms on it because they said my tummy is so fat they couldn't fit my arms on the card as well ...

Flowers from a lovely friend when we went out for a meal Saturday night. I absolutely love yellow roses, they're such a cheerful flower. Note how clean the fire is - I hadn't realised my mishap at this point ...

A gorgeous handmade gift all the way from America which arrived this week.I can't believe how generous and kind people have been to us, we are a very lucky family x

Thursday, 22 July 2010

"Snow problem"

There might not be any snow but that didn't stop April playing with the sledge this morning. She made it into an ambulance and rescued "Rabbity".

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Can you believe that my brother Phil grew this apple tree from a pip?! I'm not sure exactly when he planted it, we think late 2004/early 2005 but its flourishing still and has even got 2 little apples on it as you can see.

As Phil now resides in America its come to live with me, and I will be rehoming it in the soil over the next week or so along with my "Elsa" apple tree.

On to other sorts of pipsqueaks, I went to see the midwife today who has given me the go-ahead for home birth number 3 which is fabulous. The not so fabulous bit is that she told me since May they have changed the rules about midwives being on call and there are now only 4 midwives who work doing home births for the county at any one time so its quite likely that I may end up in hospital anyway if there isn't anyone available. She is coming to see me next week with the paperwork so its just a case of wait and see what happens on the day ...

Monday, 19 July 2010

A little bump update

I am due exactly one month today - its scary and exciting at the same time. I can't imagine that this baby will be anything other than late, both of the others were, but all the same I'm trying to get organised just in case baby Wills decides to come early. I am still no nearer to knowing if I can have another home birth, I am hoping I will find out on Wednesday when I see the midwife. They have said it all depends on what sort of size I am measuring at nearer the time, so its just a case of wait and see.

I've prepared a home birth box all ready, but I've also packed a hospital bag because even if it starts out as a home birth there's no guarantee it will go smoothly. It also means I have everything I need to hand at home or in hospital, unless of course I've forgotten anything! I've bought some arnica tablets to try this time, which I've never used before, and I've treated myself to a tens machine from Ebay, as it worked out cheaper to buy a second hand machine and new electrode pads than it was to hire one. I used one both times before and found it a real help although I must admit the best thing ever has got to be Entonox!

Finally, a newly updated picture for you, as taken by Noelie this morning in the garden before we went out for the day...

All change

Its not the most brilliant picture in the world as I took it this morning in a bit of a rush but I thought I'd let you have a peek at our newly decorated front room.

I really wasn't sure about painting the chimney breast wall a different colour to the rest of the room but it is only paint and at the end of the day can always be painted over so we went for it. A chalky colour for the rest of the walls and raspberry for the fireplace wall. I really like it and it certainly feels a lot fresher in there now so I'm glad we took the risk.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Some of the things we've been up to today...

We had a walk into town this morning, which is something we haven't done for ages. Lately its been a case of dropping April off at playschool and then Noel and I get some errands done as quickly as possible so that we can get back and spend some 1-2-1 time together on his maths or english. But April has now finished playschool for good so the three of us headed in to town first thing this morning before the heavens opened.

One of the first things we found were these ... We are looking forward to going Blackberry picking again later in the year. April has already informed me that she will look after the baby while I pick the blackberries! I can see I'm not going to get a look in while she is around!

While we were out and about we all went and had our hair cut before the schools break up and its impossibly busy. April was really pleased as after she had hers cut the hairdresser french plaited it, I hope I'm not expected to plait it for her like that tomorrow or she will be in for a disappointment!
We then headed off to the library. April and Noel were both playing with this book but Noel didn't want his photo taking. We joined the "space hop" summer reading challenge and Noel moved up a level on his latest reading book. He is taking more of an interest in reading now, and choosing books that he wants to learn to read. These are usually factual books, which are very often his book of choice for bedtime - its not unusual for him to ask me to read him a few pages of the encyclopedia instead of a story!

We also managed a quick visit to the post office and the charity shop before coming home for a well earned cup of tea, phew!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Our Games Morning

We have had lots of fun this morning out in the garden, we decided to have a games morning. This included different obstacle courses, archery (of sorts) and a type of quoits game that we have borrowed from the toy library. To finish it all off we had a tea party on the patio with Aprils little tiny tea set!

I hope everyone else is enjoying the sunshine xx
Noel completing one of the obstacle courses, he's just climbed through a hoop

Aprils turn at an obstacle course, she is throwing a bean bag into a washing up bowl - she has a good aim

Throwing the rings on to the board, lots of fun and addition practice for Noel - not that he realised

Our little tea party afterwards - everything was in minature

Which included the sandwiches!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Lucky Seven

I can't believe I have just under 7 weeks to go before we meet Baby Wills - unless of course this baby decides to follow the other 2 and be late of course!

I asked Noel to take a little "bump" update for me this morning - I don't think I'm looking too big yet so I'm hoping I can make it 3 in a row for a home birth but I'm not pinning all my hopes on it, and will just take it as it comes. There's no point in worrying over it, what will be, will be ...