Thursday, 28 October 2010

Never enough time!

There just never seems to be enough hours in the day to fit in everything we want to do - something I am sure many readers of our family blog are familiar with!

Today we took Hermione for her 6 week check at the doctors (she is 10 weeks old on Saturday!) and all is well. She now weighs 10lb 6oz and she is filling out nicely. On the way back we called in to the barbers for hair cuts and Noel and April now look a great deal tidier than they did. Aprils hair is slowly growing back and doesn't look so obvious now, thank goodness.

Yesterday we went to the toy library, the lady there is lovely and she has given me a brand new highchair for Hermione so I wanted to take her some flowers. We got absolutely drenched so when we got home we all put on our PJs and Noel and April set up a little tea party on the table for their cuddlies.
I have booked Hermione's Christening and I have been busy sorting out the arrangements for that. It will be the week after April's birthday so November will be a busy month! She will be wearing the Wills family christening gown, which mum made out of her wedding dress for me when I had Noel, and James and Hannah will be her Godparents. I'm sure there will be lots of photos to come of both special events next month. Its good to have something to look forward to.

Something else I am looking forward to - my good news - Grandma has been offered a flat near my parents house. Its such a relief and it means we can all be there for her much quicker than the 2 hour drive up the motorway. It also means that I can help out and give my parents a break, and spend some time with Grandma. I was telling Noel and April the other day and Noel said "that will be good, I will make her a coffee, April will make her a sandwich and Great-Grandma can just put up her feet and relax". So it looks like there will be no shortage of volunteers to care for her!

One other bit of minor news, we started babysigning classes yesterday and we are now frantically signing "milk" and "sleep" to Hermione at every opportunity - which is quite a lot given how much she feeds! We will be going every Wednesday as a family so that Noel and April can help out with the signs too. Noel really enjoyed himself and got stuck in, April was a little more reserved but I'm sure once she comes out of her shell it will be a different story!

Well thats all for now from the Wills family, sending lots of love to you all xx

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Four Generations

From the oldest member of the family to the newest - all round at my parents house.
Hopefully I will have some good news to share soon xx

Monday, 18 October 2010

Big Sister, Little Sister

A lovely friend bought Mini a "little sister" t-shirt when she was born, so naturally April wanted a "big sister" t-shirt to go with it! I did ask Noel if he wanted one with "big brother" on - but he declined and opted for one with "Star Wars Lego" on instead...

Noel walked in the room just after I'd taken this photo of the girls with their special t-shirts on and asked if I would take a photo of the 3 of them together, he might not have the t-shirt to prove it but he is a very proud big brother!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Just for you Uncle Phil xx

We hope you had a good birthday yesterday - we miss you! Lots of love Noel, April and Hermione xxxxx

Friday, 8 October 2010

Autumn Sunshine

I really don't know where the weeks are going, as I sit typing this I can see Mini right next to me, fast asleep and looking so peaceful. Its hard to believe that this time 7 weeks ago I was in bed myself, resigned to the fact that I would be going in to hospital the following morning for an induction. Thankfully Hermione had other ideas and we were spoilt with a 3rd lovely homebirth.

I decided to venture out yesterday and take the children to Staunton Harold. We all had a fabulous time, the sun was shining and it made everyone smile.

Noel and April enjoyed playing with these giant chess pieces while Mini and I watched from under a canopy.
I thought these leaves looked so beautiful I couldn't resist taking a photograph. I'm not sure if its since we have had a baby in the house, but I think Noel looks very grown up in this photo.

We walked over the "troll bridge" and through the magical walkway

We also met these friendly ducks. April was a bit frightened as they came really close, but I think they just wanted to know if we had any bread!

A really lovely afternoon was had by everyone - even Mini who was fast asleep most of the time, snuggled up to Mama.

Wishing you all sunshine and smiles for the weekend xx

Monday, 4 October 2010

Wheelie great fun!

On Sunday we went over to visit my friends Di and John. The children had a great time and were especially excited when John let them sit on his motorbike and he pushed them up and down the carport!

Mr Wills came home with our car looking like this ....

and Mini was 6 weeks old on Saturday and had her 6 week check today with the health visitor. She now weighs 8lb 10 - which is still less than her older sister at birth!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Milk and Cookies

Its getting much easier now that Hermione is a little bit older. She generally has a nap mid afternoon of an hour or so, so yesterday Noel, April and I had fun making these peanut butter biscuits. They look a bit anemic on the picture but they were a lovely golden brown colour and they tasted yummy.
Hermione has also had her first bottle of expressed milk. Although I'm not going back to work until January (if you can call it work, I go for 4 hours every other Wednesday to a job I love) I wanted to know that she would take a bottle if necessary. April would never take one, so I thought I would start early just to be on the safe side. Mum tells me she drank every drop (I was at the dentist at the time) so she'll be having a bottle of EBM once a week or so from now on.

Stu has now gone off to Scotland with his Dad for 4 days off-roading. Its absolutely throwing it down here so I am expecting a lot of mud on the car when he gets back (and on his clothes, on the seats, trodden into the house ....) Mum has very kindly lent me her trusty Nissan Micra (aka The Nanna-mobile in our house) so I can take the children to their swimming lesson tomorrow as usual, and hopefully have a few adventures as well.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend xx