Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Fun in the snow

A big wave for Uncle Phil!
First footprints in the snow

Keeping warm!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Hermione's Christening

The Reverend Rhona Passey did the honours, she was lovely

Posing for a photo afterwards. I really wanted a nice photo of the 5 of us together but unfortunately one of the smalls didn't want it taking

Relaxing afterwards with God-daddy James and my mum and dad. We all missed God-mummy Hannah and think Morrisons are horrible and rubbish for not letting her have the day off

Aprils birthday cake number 2 which we had afterwards along with ...

Hermione's Christening cake - well you can never have too much cake can you!

A very big thank you to everyone who sent their good wishes, cards, presents and money. Mini is a very lucky baby!! We've had a really special day and I feel very lucky and blessed to have such wonderful family and friends to share my happiness with xx

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Early Morning ...

Early this morning it looked like this ...

So I lit one of these for Hermione and I ...

I took this up to Mr Wills in bed ..

And made breakfast for Dr April Wills and Pc Noel Wills

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Monday, 22 November 2010

Making up for the weekend

Thankfully both the children are much better now, I was a bit paranoid in the night constantly waking up and checking on them but I'm pleased to say there has been no more sickness and they are back to their usual selves. In fact, this morning they were bickering away so I know all is ok now!

Giving the "Girls World" a makeover this morning. The pastry brush and foil are to give her some highlights!

You can't really see from the picture but April wanted me to take a photo of her holding her snowman clips from my friend Andrea.

This little fairy was bought for Aprils birthday cake. Stu went and bought her a cake as he said it would be one less thing for me to do but as we'd already bought the fairy we have decided to have 2 cakes! We will have a small chocolately one later with the fairy on top for pudding and the "Toy Story" cake Stu bought her on Sunday when we have all the family together. So she will get to blow out 2 lots of candles and eat 2 lots of cake - what more could a 5 year old want?!

After our baking marathon this afternoon, our kitchen currently looks like this!!We have made carrot muffins, fairy cakes and you can probably just make out the chocolate cake in the corner of the picture.

The children also wanted to make some party hats.

And here she is, the birthday girl, back to her usual smiley self xx

Saturday, 20 November 2010

A Not So Happy Birthday

Poor little April, she's been so excited about her birthday and being 5 but she's still really poorly. I was up every half an hour to one of the 3 children, sometimes trying to be in 2 places at once. The birthday girl got up and opened her presents this morning in our room and then went back to bed. After a long sleep, she's just woken up and is lying in bed at the moment listening to Fantastic Mr Fox. Noel's not much better either, although April does seem to have it worse out of the two. He's also in bed listening to a story CD - Charlie and the chocolate factory in his case.

We did start off filming April opening her presents, at April's request, but when we had to stop while she was ill we decided against filming any more. I took a few photos but as you can see she still looks very pale.

Despite being ill, she was very grateful of every present she opened and she seemed to like everything she got. I am looking forward to playing "girls world" with her when she's better, I could certainly do with the practise when it comes to styling hair!

So just the one photo today, hopefully more to follow in the week when we can celebrate properly. Happy Birthday to our gorgeous, kind, thoughtful daughter, April Elizabeth Hazel Wills xx

Friday, 19 November 2010

Best laid plans ...

Nothing has really gone to plan this week. Tuesday was our 8th Wedding Anniversary and Stu and I planned to go into Leicester to buy my outfit for the Christening. At 5 past midnight I got woken up by the sound of Stuart being ill so needless to say we didn't go shopping and instead I spent the rest of the night/day cleaning up after him and washing.

We did go shopping on Thursday however. After much deliberation and trying on of outfits, I chose a gorgeous purple dress. I wasn't going to have a dress because of nursing Hermione, but nothing else felt right. I am lucky that she will take a bottle of EBM so it has taken the worry out of that problem, and if all else fails I'll just have to take her upstairs to nurse when we get home.

Tomorrow is Aprils 5th Birthday but it looks like she won't be having much of a celebration as it is now her turn to be ill. The poor little mite has been in bed all day and then just as I started to type this I had to run off to change the bedding and put her in the bath. Whilst April was in the bath Noel joined in the action and is also poorly now. Hopefully we will be able to celebrate her birthday on Sunday if they're better. Either way we are planning to have a birthday tea on Wednesday when my mum comes over with some partyish food and a cake - illness permitting of course!

On to some more cheerful news now! While we were in Leicester yesterday I went off to John Lewis to feed Min with April and Stu went off to look in the record shop with Noel. He came back with a large bag and said it contained my wedding anniversary present. Inside I found some fluffy socks (I LOVE fluffy socks), a reuseable shopping bag - the sort that folds up into a pouch - and these gorgeous wellingtons ...

And if that weren't amazing enough, look what he hid inside one of the boots ..

The photo really doesn't do it justice but its utterly gorgeous.

I think thats all the news from this end, its taken ages to write this post in between running off to look after the big 2 so I'll sign off for now and fingers crossed for a better week for us all xx

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Moving Day

Mini had her first ride in a truck today when Stu and I took her to Leeds to help move Grandma out of her house. I had hoped to put a photograph on the blog but unfortunately 2 minutes after I took this photograph of Mini my camera broke.

Grandma's house is now empty and tomorrow we are moving the furniture into her new flat - there's rather a lot so wish us luck!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Oh dear

Its been a bit windy here this morning ...

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Warm and Cosy

A little pair of soft leather shoes to keep precious feet warm and cosy when we're out and about.

And my other little Princess all warm and cosy in her dressing gown ready for bed.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Double the fun!

This mornings maths lesson : -

We cut out some shapes and folded them in half
We used a mirror to look at some half pictures in the maths book
We made some butterflies, decorated half and folded them over

And we made 2 banana cakes - Noel doubled the ingredients for me

Noel's perfect idea of learning - no writing but plenty of exploring and experimenting.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Special Gifts

Decorations for each of the children to put away for Christmas from my best friend Sue in Somerset. A complete surprise and so thoughtful x

Mini smiling at her Daddy - he wouldn't let me put his photo on the blog though!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Tinkerbell comes to play

Its taking a bit of getting used to seeing Noelie with his tooth missing!!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Expecting a visit from the tooth fairy ...

Noel's first top tooth came out at lunch time xx