Saturday, 29 January 2011

Run, run, as fast as you can...

You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread man!!

I think its going to take a little bit of time to get used to having a child in school, it still feels very strange seeing him in his uniform and saying goodbye to him as he goes off with his class mates. April, as you know, is still at home with me but she feels a bit "lost" without Noel, and I also think she feels a little bit left out. I have tried to make an extra effort to do things with her. I have really enjoyed playing Princesses and curling up on the settee listening to her practice her reading, while Mini has her nap. On Thursday we made these gingerbread men together.  April helped to weigh everything, mix it all up and cut them out. She loves baking, and it seemed to cheer her up a bit. Noel was very impressed when I went to meet him from school with a gingerbread man in my pocket for him to eat on the way home. After tea they both had lots of fun icing them and decorating them -as you can see one of them is shouting although I don't actually know why or who at!

One thing I do know though, everyone told me I would have a lot more time on my hands once Noel was at school, but I've certainly not found that to be the case at all! Hopefully once the dust settles things will be a lot easier, I feel a bit like a pinball in a machine at the moment! 

Monday, 24 January 2011

Noels First Day at School - Part 2

More first time nerves for Noelie and Mummy, new people to meet and places to get used to. Hopefully we can now settle in to a routine and Noel will enjoy his new school as much as his last one. He came out with a big smile on his face and said that he liked it - phew. Then he asked if Joshua could come and play so it sounds as though he is making some friends already. I am having a meeting on Wednesday with his teacher to discuss things and to show some of his work that we have done during our time in home education. I am heartened by how much effort everyone at the school has put in to helping him to settle in, the headmistress came out to talk to him when we first arrived and everyone has been very helpful in pointing me in the right direction and letting me know what he needs without me having to ask first. It felt very strange standing outside our local school waiting for him to come out, a lot of the mums recognise me from various activities and it sparked off quite a lot of interest (or plain nosiness!) as to why we were there. I'll let them come to their own conclusions on that one!

Friday, 21 January 2011

More Smiles

April is LOVING Rainbows and she is even more excited now that she has the complete uniform. She managed to squeeze a cap out of me as well as the shirt, although I am justifying this to myself by telling myself I have still saved by not buying the tracksuit as someone gave it to me and after all, thats what child benefit is there for ...

Noel and Hermione have developed a new game. Noel makes a funny noise and pokes his tongue through the gap in his front teeth and Hermione responds by sticking her tongue back at him. It makes me smile every time.Its hard to believe she is 5 months old today!! I tried to take a photo of it this morning but of course it didn't work - but here is the photo anyway. I can't take credit for her fabulous sleepsuit - that was a Christmas present from her Auntie Carole.

Big, big thanks to everyone who has been keeping in touch and asking after Noel, I really appreciate your support xx I finally got the phone call I was waiting for yesterday and he will start at our local Primary School on Monday. He is still a bit miffed that I won the appeal but I hope once he starts at his new school he will love it just as much as his old one. I certainly find the staff very supportive there, and I think that's a good sign. I have loved my week off with him this week but I do feel a whole lot better now I have his new start date.

Stu is at work tomorrow (Saturday) so I don't know what the weekend holds, other than the children's usual swimming lessons. We spent all last weekend doing DIY so it would be nice to relax and just enjoy being together before we go back into the hurly burly that seems to accompany having a child at school. I am hoping the Winter sunshine keeps up too, its a fantastic pick me up. We have been out for a walk every day this week, its been just what the doctor ordered. I hope you are all enjoying some winter sunshine whatever your plans are and there are lots of smiles in your home xx

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Another week has flown by!

Phew, I hardly feel as though my feet have touched the ground this week, its been such a rollercoaster of a week. I worked out, I've been spending an average of 2 1/4 hours A DAY taking Noel to and from his school - a school which is 3 miles away.

The good news is, I had to go to an appeal on Wednesday at County Hall and the appeal panel have ruled in our favour to grant Noel a place at our local Primary school, so now I can walk him to school and hopefully spend an average of 30 minutes a day getting him to and from school - a lot easier for us and better for the environment too! I am amazed how many parents drive their children to school when they live within a short walk, I found it so stressful and that was for just one week!

Noel's not very happy about changing school, and I do feel very sorry about this, especially as he settled in amazingly quickly to say he'd never been to school before in his life. I hope he will be happy in his new school, if not then there are always other options, and although I wouldn't rule out Home Education again, I'm not sure that would suit Noel at this time as he really enjoyed his brief time at Whitwick school. I'm just waiting for a start date now.

Anyway enough chat, here are a few pictures from the week...

Hermione has been tasting lots of different things ..

I saw this little chap on the doorstep at 8am one morning as we were leaving for school

Bread that Noel made on Wednesday

Thats all from us, we have a school free day tomorrow so we are going to Leicester on the bus - I am going to pick up April's Rainbows uniform from John Lewis and the children want to spend some of their christmas money in the toy department. Lots of love from us all xx

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

My little Rainbows

Noelie insisted on posing like this for Uncle Phil and Uncle James :-)

My little Rainbow - very excited to be joining for the first time tonight!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Happy to see you..

How could you not smile at a photo like this :-) xx

Saturday, 8 January 2011

A little school update

Thanks very much to everyone who has phoned up and text me to ask how Noel got on at his first day at school, I really appreciate your support. The good news is - he really loves it! It was a very nerve wracking day on Thursday (for me, Noel went off quite happily!) and it seemed like a long time until we could go and fetch him, but he came out all smiles and his first words were "I love school Mummy". He has been telling me about his lessons and so far everything he has covered (that he has shared with me anyway) we have already covered in our lessons at home, so that has made me feel a lot better. I was worried that he would start and be at a disadvantage but so far, so good.

Talking of school, Noel was moping around this afternoon and when Stu asked him what the matter was, he told us he wishes he'd gone today. So I left Stu in charge of Hermione and Noel, April and I went off to make some baby dinners to freeze and some baking. Orange sponge fingers with lemon icing today. The children did it all themselves with only a bit of minor help from me.
April cracking the eggs

Noel mixing it all up

In some ways I've already noticed a change in Noel. He helps me make his packed lunch for school and Thursday he took wholemeal ham rolls, a portion of cheese, some carrot sticks and some raisins. All quite easy to eat and nothing he's not eaten before or enjoyed. Thursday night he asked if he could have white sliced bread "as its better", he no longer likes the cheese and Devon takes mini cheddars and a kit kat. Lucky Devon thats all I can say! It does state in the prospectus that the school supports healthy eating and children are not to bring crisps or chocolate to school so I referred him to the rule book! Unfortunately it didn't say anything about white sliced bread so I gave in on that one - pick your battles as they say. I am waiting for the inevitable "everyone else does it/has one" conversation that up until now I have managed to avoid thanks to home education. He seems to have made some lovely friends though and his teacher said he's settling in well. I'm very proud of him and I hope he will be very happy.

I hope you all have something lovely planned for the weekend x x

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Noels First Day at School

I had a very excited little boy up at 7am this morning, itching to get to school. Off he went at 8.15, Mummy, Daddy, April and Hermione in tow. We met his teacher - Mrs Hallam, and saw where his peg was, where he should put his snack and drink and where he should line up to go into class. It all seems so strange, but I'm told that in a few weeks it will all be "normal" and I suppose like every new thing it will be in time.

We've just come home, put Mini in her cot for a sleep and April and I are now doing some "learning" while I drink my third cup of tea and try and tell myself he will be ok!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year, New Start!

There are going to be a lot of changes in the Wills household come 2011. The main one being that Noel starts school on Thursday. He is really looking forward to it and we have been busy getting all the things that he needs - uniform, PE kit, lunch box, school shoes, trainers, plimsolls, school coat, the list goes on and on! And guess which lucky person has had the job of labelling everything up - that would be me then! Its something I've known about for a good while now so I've had time to get used to the idea, although I will admit I'm still a bit emotional about it and have nipped off into the kitchen for a quick sob every now and again. I'm not nearly as bad as I was though and I just hope that as time goes on it will become part of every day life and I won't feel the wrench that my heart is feeling right now.

April will continue to be home educated for now, but she is also excited about a new adventure of her own as she is starting Rainbows in the new year. She is very much looking forward to it so there is more name labelling to come when she gets her uniform!

The children have now swapped over bedrooms, Noel is in the "little" bedroom. He has a smart new high-rise bed and all his lego in there and its very cosy. I must get round to taking some photographs.

April is in the "big" bedroom next to him. We are busy stripping off the wallpaper at the moment ready to decorate. I am sure you will be amazed to hear she has chosen pink paint and pink curtains. Stu is talking about putting a border up but as I can't even write in a straight line I will leave that job to him. Eventually Hermione will be in this room too but I really wanted Noel in his new room before he started school, the less upheaval, the better.

Even little Hermione has had some change, we weaned her 2 weeks ago and she now has 3 little meals a day, usually one of rice/cereal, one of fruit and one of veg. I quite enjoy making babyfood as mundane as that probably sounds. I find it quite relaxing peeling and chopping and wondering if they will enjoy the taste (and then feeling miffed that they don't and I have 20 jars of the stuff!!) She must have needed it as she was waking every 2 hours for milk and feeding very frequently in the day, where as now she seems much more content in between feeds and she generally feeds about 10pm - 2am - 6 am which I can cope with a lot better.

Apologies for all the writing - I usually like to make my posts more photos and less writing but in this case its not really possible!! So I will close now and say Happy New Year everyone xx xx xx