Wednesday, 27 April 2011

High Days and Holidays

Well today I have turned 36. It sounds so grown up, and I suppose when you consider that I have been married to Stu for nearly 9 years and we have 3 children, a cat and a mortgage, I am a grown up. I definitely think that my 30s have been the best years of my life so far, so there are no complaints from me about getting older.

Another year older, but just the one candle on my cake to avoid any tragic house fires!

My cake which I am proudly displaying on my new Portmerion "Snowman" cake stand - one of my lovely birthday presents

We had a fabulous holiday last week in South Devon, we were so lucky with the weather, I think it really helped to make it. The caravan we stayed in was gorgeous, and we were a 5 minute walk from the beach (although a ten minute walk back because the hill was so steep!!) We tried to strike a balance between days on the beach and trips out, and overall I think everyone had a good time. Hermione seemed to enjoy herself although she wasn't very impressed with the ball pool or the swimming pool for that matter. I can't say I blame her there, it was freezing, even in the little toddler pool. Noel and April embraced it though and I took them both a few times, and left Stu in charge of the little one back at the caravan.

Our home for the week - it was very cosy and comfortable

We had tea outside a few times because it was so warm

Just to give you an idea of the rest of the caravan

When the children finally got to sleep ...

One of the places we visited on holiday was the Eden Project. It was absolutely fantastic. They had a large tent set up where they were running Shaun the Sheep "Championsheeps". We had lots of fun partaking in the games as you can see ..

They had to throw wellies to knock the Farmers Head off...

and bounce like a spring lamb ...

Here we are rolling an enormous inflatable sheep for some reason ...

But it was all worth it - we are winners!

And now some more serious photos from the Eden Project ....

And finally a few other photos from the holidays ..

The view from our caravan ...

Cuddles with Daddy

Fun on the beach

Last day of the holiday - everyone was ready to come home and sleep in their own bed

Cuddles from the stripey two 

I'm not quite sure what exciting things the big 2 are up to here...

I think thats enough photos for now, I hope you all had a good Easter and heres to more Spring Sunshine for us all xx

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Every year I say I want to enter the Race for Life and every year I let it pass, or find an excuse not to. However, this year I haven't - I have entered to run (I use the term loosely) on Sunday 10th July at Western Park, Leicester.

I have set my sponsorship target quite small - £25.00 - but of course I hope to get much more than this. If you are interested in sponsoring me you can do so at

I guess I'd better not overindulge on the holiday ice creams then ...

Monday, 11 April 2011

Mini's first sign and mothers day

A little belated but well done to Hermione for her very first Tiny Talk sign - "nappy"

And another first, my first Mothers Day as Hermione's mummy - and my lovely treats ..

Flowers from Church - a posy from April and a posy from Hermione (Noelie stayed at home with his Daddy)

Cards from the children - a home drawn one on the left by April, and one made at school by Noel on the right

And my Mothers day present from everyone - a box of Lush goodies to pamper myself with. I even love the box it came in - thanks my lovelies xx

Meet Daisy . . .

A very early Christmas present for one very happy (and lucky) lady . . . 

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A little update from Tuesday Evening

I checked my blog earlier to see when I last posted - eek two weeks ago - where does the time go?!

I haven't really got a lot to report, Hermione is cutting a second tooth, April has lost a second tooth and Noel's teeth continue to give him lots of pain. We are the hospital next week for an assessment and then hopefully not too long a wait for him to be seen by the hospital dentist.

Tonight April has been to Rainbows and made a gorgeous little Rabbit hand puppet...

And Noelie and I made some bread rolls - with a little help from Mum's breadmaker ...

And just so that she's not left out, here's one of Hermione studying one of her toys...