Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Look whose 50

Happy belated 50th birthday Carole! I tried to upload the photos on the day of the barbecue but for some reason they didn't work but now all of a sudden it is. Here are some of the others ...

Rob and Lesley - aka Stu's parents - in charger of the burgers - shortly before the fire brigade arrived (joke)

Spencer - I'm not sure what this face was for ...

It seems to be contagious (sorry Laura)

Jake being roped into making a volcano for Noel and April (and yes that is Stu's other landrover in the background - I think its known as work in progress....)

Hermione having a cuddle with her Grandad - he has been in Singapore for 5 weeks.

I can't show the photo of Stu as its not fit for the younger viewers (he's not the only one in our house who uses sign language...)

On to other things, I am so pleased that the plasterer rang tonight, he is coming on Thursday and Friday to plaster our stairs and landing, once that is out of the way we are going to go for the big one - we are having the dining room treated for damp and plastered. No more mouldy walls for us soon! We are also having some french windows put in to make it a bit lighter and eventually once the garden is done (at some point when funds allow we'd like to lay a nice patio and finally do something about the front garden) we will be able to open them out and enjoy the British sunshine on the one day a year it makes an appearance.

Talking of our patio, it currently looks like this!! My next door neighbour has had a gas boiler put in and he asked me if I would like some anthracite to burn on our fire. I usually only use wood but he had no need for it so it seemed a shame to waste it. He thought there were perhaps a few boxes full - I think he underestimated! There must be at least 3 tonnes of it, currently sitting next to my patio table. Mum and Dad have given me a large bin which you can see my happy miners filling for me and I have 6 big boxes full stacked up next to the wendy house but I still have a lot left to find a home for. I am really grateful and he's a lovely chap, but being the fuss bag I am, I can't wait to get it all tidied out of the way.

After a hard days graft (or rather 20 minutes filling the bin and covering themselves in coal dust) it was time for tea. Quorn bolognaise, grated carrot, cheese and a tortilla which we usually put into a wrap but by way of a change Noel decided to make his into a face first.

I hope there are lots of smiles where you are xx

Saturday, 18 June 2011


April with her homemade bracelet and tiara

Hermione - 43 weeks old today

Noel at the zoo last week for Josh's birthday. It threw it down all day.

Friday, 10 June 2011


Noel and April went on a playdate this evening and took some cakes with them that they baked yesterday. Unfortunately I didn't realise, until it was too late, that we didn't have any icing sugar so we improvised and used our icing pens...

Saturday, 4 June 2011

What we get up to when the children go to bed ...

Our usual evening entertainment when Stu's home - a cup of tea and a game of Scrabble!!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Just getting on with life really!

I haven't blogged much lately because to be honest there's not been much to blog about! We have settled into a nice routine, we take Noel to school in the morning, get on with whatever we are doing that day and then after lunch April and I sit and do some "learning" together. She really wants to go to school (unlike Noel who would rather be at home playing with his lego). She is a fast learner and a keen student and these two factors make her a pleasure to teach - I hope she is as keen if and when she goes to school. We will find out within the next few weeks whether she has got a place starting in September into year one.

We have been busy having a major clear out at home, lots and lots of things have gone to the charity shop (about 10 black bags full!), not to mention the amount of things we have given to friends and family, put on freecycle or sent to the fabric recycling bin at school. I would like to tell you that the house feels so much more spacious and clutter free but it seems to have made little difference really. We have moved the dining room furniture round and that looks better, much more spacious and tidy, but it has also emphasised the fact that we desperately need to have the dining room damproofed and replastered as we uncovered bit patches of mould behind the bookcase. We are currently waiting to have the stairs and landing plastered and then we will make a start on taking the damp plaster off. I am NOT looking forward to this, I hate the mess and the dust but I dislike bringing up 3 children in a damp house even less.

Noelie made some flapjacks by himself this morning ready to take on our picnic tomorrow

And April and I made some peanut butter biscuits. They look a bit pale on the picture but we've tested one and they seem ok ;-)

We've been playing lots of games lately. While we waited for the biscuits to bake we played a game of "tummy ache". This is April's current favourite game and we play it at least twice a day, every day

We've been doing lots of gardening lately too, the garden is starting to look a lot better. I bought these from the local garden centre and I have been planting them out a few at a time while Mini watches us in her little car.

We went to the local farm shop this morning for PYO strawberries and I bought myself these sweet williams for £1.50. I think we will have to go back again as a lot of the strawberries were still green.

And finally, we have done lots and lots of this ...

Lots of love from the Wills Family xx