Sunday, 31 July 2011

Happy 18th Birthday Jake!

Many happy returns - we hope you enjoy the rest of your day xx

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Bye bye mouldy walls

Stu made a start on the damp proof course on Saturday. There are 2 walls left to do and the plasterer is coming on Monday so hopefully within a few weeks it will all be finished and looking good! We have now decided against having french windows as they weren't going to be any wider than the existing window and we can't have a fireplace for various reasons so with the money we've saved we're going to have a new bathroom. I'm very excited and its lovely to see the house taking shape and finally starting to look the way we wanted it to.

We are now counting down the weeks to Hermione's birthday - its hard to believe she is nearly 1! We are not having a party but she has invited over her Grandparents for tea and cakes so nice and simple and not too much work for me - plus I get to use all my lovely cake stands and cups and saucers! Hermione is becoming more independent all the time, she has now decided to stop nursing which took me by surprise. She's not been very interested for a couple of weeks really but the last few times I tried to feed her she just refused totally so I have stopped offering. She seems too young really - April was 18 months before she lost interest but on the good side I can wear all my dresses again without worrying about access all areas (once I can fit back into them that is!!) We have put her cot in April's bedroom as well now so the girls are sharing, April loves it and Hermione doesn't seem to mind either. She is a really good sleeper and I thought the start of the school holidays was probably the best time to do it so we all have plenty of time to become accustomed before September.

Talking of school, both the children will starting at a new school in September. To cut a long story short we felt the new school was the better school of the two, much smaller and more flexible and we knew we could get both children in for definite so 2 days before the end of term I dropped the appeal and we enrolled them into their new school. This way Noel had time to look around and meet his new teacher and some of his new classmates. April and I had already looked round once so she she got a refresher and I still liked it as much as the first time. It is a church school and seems very community orientated so fingers crossed I have made the right decision. April is very excited as she is desperate to go to school, Noel isn't so excited but to be honest it takes a lot to get him excited anyway!! 

I think that is all our news for now - there is lots of change for the Wills family but I hope all for the better! Lots of love to you all x

Sunday, 10 July 2011

I did it!

With my lucky Mascot Hermione too !

Off to do the race for life in a minute ...

I'm really looking forward to it and to make it even more special I am taking Hermione with me! I had planned to push her in my "jogging pushchair" (yes such a thing does exist!) but a quick call yesterday confirmed that the site I am doing it at doesn't allow pushchairs so instead I am taking her round in a sling, kindly loaned by my good friend Rowan.

I have managed to raise a total of £135 in donations online and on my form so I would just like to say a big, big thank you to all my kind hearted friends and family for your generosity x x x x x 

Friday, 8 July 2011

Lots happening!

There has been lots happening in the Wills household lately. A lot of my time has been taken up trying to find another school for April as I have been trying to get her into our local school - the same one as Noel - but without much luck so far. I've known about this for a while but I didn't tell her at first, but of course now we are going to look at other schools I am having to discuss the situation with the head teacher and so I wanted her to hear it from me first. I am going to an appeal (they must be sick of me at County Hall by now!) on Monday 18th July so at least I will have plenty of time to sort out the correct uniform for her and prepare her for a what is happening. She really wants to go to the same school as Noel is at at the moment, but if I lose my appeal then unfortunately that isn't an option although I will take Noel out of school (yet again) and put them both in together. I am starting to get a bit stressed about it all now and I will be glad when its all done and dusted and I can get on with more fun activities!! And I thought Home Education could be stressful sometimes!!

We have also had our stairway plastered, it looks really good and as it certainly beats the manky old wallpaper that was up beforehand. 

It is the turn of the dining room next, I came home from work last Sunday (boo hoo, no more maternity leave for me!) to find Stu had practically emptied the room apart from the table and Hermione's pram, ready for action. We have been saving up for the last year so we can have it done and we are also going to have some french doors put in to make it a bit lighter - and eventually to open up on to our patio (when its not covered in 5 tonne of coal!!) I will post some before/after pictures up when work starts underway...

Today its Noelie's first ever school trip. He was very excited and up bright and early. They are going to Beaumanor Hall in Leicestershire for a "pirate day". We saw lots of pirates in school, including the teachers, and lots of variations from our home made costume to some very elaborate professional looking ones. Here is our effort - you can't see the torn trousers but Noel had me zig-zagging them across the bottom - but everything Noel is wearing is what he asked for. Unfortunately the effect was a bit ruined as it is throwing it down and the poor little sausage got soaked on his way to school, despite wearing his big coat, but it didn't dampen his spirits and I hope he really enjoys himself.

I think thats all from us for now, roll on the summer holidays - and a bit of summer to go with it wouldn't go amiss either!! xx