Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Harvest Time

I don't know about you but I love Autumn. The colours, the smell of the air, the watery sunshine, it has a very magical feel about it. This morning April and I were looking at Spiders Webs on the hedges, all damp with the morning mist, they looked like lace almost.

Along with Autumn comes Harvest Festival. We will be attending two this year, one on Friday at school - followed by a Harvest Lunch for the parents, and one on Sunday at St John the Baptist church.

Noel and I covered our family boxes this evening and he put everything in them. One each from Noel and April to give at school and one from Hermione to give on Sunday. Mum very kindly contributed as well and Noel told me this evening when we were sorting them out that he thought Nanna was really kind to give us some things to put in our boxes and he felt sure the people getting them would be really pleased when they saw all the nice things in their box. Its often the simple things that bring the most pleasure, isn't it?

Monday, 26 September 2011

Walk for Water

Noel and April's school are doing a "walk for water" today with their school. The school has a real sense of community spirit - which is one of the reasons I liked it so much - and everyone is taking part - including Hermione and myself and hopefully a few other parents as well.

Everyone has gone to school dressed in blue today and after lunch we will all go over to Snibston to walk around the big lake there. Some of the older children will carry buckets to collect loose change in and everyone taking part pays a £1 donation which will go to Water Aid.

Hopefully it will be a dry day and the children will enjoy it.

We're all ready to go!

My other piece of good news is that Stu came home on Friday and my dresser is now attached to the wall and safe to display our wedding china on ...

I was quite surprised when I found Stu putting all the plates on and arranging it, and I think he was very surprised that I didn't come along and change it all! I think he's done a good job and at least now I can see my lovely Wedgewood plates instead of them being in the cupboard. I love the smell of pine when I open the cupboard doors and being able to see my pretty things once again, I really am very lucky.

Lots of love from the Wills family xxxxx

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Life as it is now . .

I find it harder to blog these days really as my days are taken up doing the school run, cooking, cleaning, laundry and of course enjoying looking after our little Mini. Then when we get home from school at 4, our evenings are taken up with dinner, reading, homework, bath times and then when the children go to bed its a case of making sure I have everything prepared for the next day and packed lunches. My life probably resembles that of every other mum whose children are at school and I'm not complaining, I just don't really have much to talk about!

The good news is that both children seem to really enjoy their new school. They go to an after school club on a Wednesday (gymnastics) and there are plenty more to chose from should they want to join any more. I have been in and attended a class on tips to read with your child and there are lots more I could attend but I struggle really because of wriggle pants Mini. On Friday Stu and I attended a special assembly where Noel was given an award for being WRITER OF THE WEEK. I have written this is in capitals as Noel HATES writing and it was always one of my battles when I was home educating (if truth be told it was probably my biggest battle). The school is so supportive and as a parent I feel very included in what they are doing and learning about, something which I never really felt while Noel was at Hugglescote Primary.  Don't get me wrong, I miss them a lot and there are days when I really wish I could turn the clock back and do things quite differently, but on the whole the 3 of us seem a lot happier, even Noel who used to come home with a sad face every day.

April came home from school today with a tummy ache and feeling sick, which left me in a quandary as what to do while I collect Noel. Thankfully Mum was at our house today as she comes over every Tuesday, so she was able to sit with Mini while I nipped up in (her) car to fetch April. I then asked my next door neighbour, Harris, to sit with April while I fetched Noel from school. It all worked out in the end but at one point I was wondering just quite how it would all piece together. Thankfully April seems very much on the mend and she will be back at school tomorrow.

Tonight I enjoyed a bath with Mini and I had all 3 children in bed by 7.15. With a relatively clear evening ahead I decided to do a bit of baking to liven up their lunch boxes. I made cheese muffins and an orange sponge cake which I plan to cut into fingers and I may decorate with lemon icing if I get time tomorrow after visiting my Grandma. I love baking and I am lucky that my mum always did a lot of baking with us as children. Noel and April also love baking and its such a lovely way to spend a wet, miserable sunday afternoon.

Hmm, they never look as appetising in the photos do they?!

Well I've rambled on enough now, time to go off to bed, but before I do I will share this photo with you of April. Mini decided to tip the laundry basket of clean, folded laundry all over the floor today and so April picked up one particular item and put it on ...

Yes, my lingerie really is THAT glamorous - not!

Lots of love from us all xx

Monday, 19 September 2011

VERY Excited!

Look what was delivered today

To say I LOVE my new dresser is an understatement - a bit sad I know! The only downside is that the top shelves are only resting on the bottom cupboard and with a baby on the move, I am worried she will knock into it and cause the plates to topple off and land on her head. So until Stu comes home on Friday night to fastens it together securely it will have to remain in 2 pieces, and I'll just have to look longingly at all my lovely Emma Bridgewater pottery and Wedgewood china that I'm desperate to put on it ....

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

You know when they're quiet . . .

They're up to something! Mini was sat really quietly, one leg on the bookshelves, quietly taking everything out of the basket. . . . 

She's quite pleased with her handiwork by the looks of it too!!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

All Change ... again

Well, its official, we are no longer "home educating". April started school for the very first time today, complete with Dorothy style ribboned plaits and brand new white ankle socks. Its all new for Noel as well as he had to change schools so I could keep them together. Stu took the day off today and the whole Wills family walked to their new school. It took just under half an hour in the Autumn sunshine and both children went off on their new adventure feeling rather nervous but full of smiles. I am looking forward to hearing all about their first day - and having a big hug - later on x