Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Tooth Fairy's Overdraft

Stuart is off work this week as we had to take Noel to the hospital on Tuesday to have some teeth extracted. He ended up having 6 teeth out in the end, we were only expecting for him to have 5 out. He was so brave, and he has recovered really well. I found it a bit upsetting and I've not had much sleep this last week for worrying, but he was back at school today with a little flask of soup and some yoghurt. I popped in to see him at lunch time to remind him to rinse out his mouth and to dose him up with calpol and he was laughing away with his friends and seemed perfectly happy.

This little package of goodies arrived today which put a smile on Noels - and my - face. Thank you very much to the very kind Pippa over at

Stu went shopping on Saturday to get some bread and came back with some bread and . . . a breadmaker (I suppose I should be grateful it wasn't another socket set!) Now that we have eaten all the bread he bought I have had chance to try it out and I used it to make some rolls this evening. They were rather tasty if I do say so myself!

Even Noelie managed to eat one tonight

Lots of love from the Wills family xx

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Enjoying Half Term

Hermione has now had her first taste of chocolate. This was not actually intentional, I rather naively gave her the box of Roses my Grandma gave me to play with - thinking she would enjoy the crinkly wrappers and pretty colours - well she certainly did enjoy them, but not in the way I intended! I turned my back for about, ooo 30 seconds, and when I looked round she had managed to unwrap a sweet and was happily chewing away on a chocolate caramel!! I let her finish it off, but she really tickled me when afterwards she signed "more".

Hmm, I'll have another one of those thanks Mama, make it a strawberry cream next time!

On Friday April went to school dressed as a Pirate as part of the water topic they have been doing for the last few weeks. All the children in Year One were dressed up, as were the teachers. The children seemed to really enjoy it and it was a nice way to finish the week ready for half term. Friday was also parents day and we were able to come in and enjoy lunch with the children and spend the afternoon looking at the science experiments the children had been doing during the last few weeks. Noel has especially been enjoying the experiments and was very enthusiastic about this, telling me all about them in great detail and showing me them in our science book at home.

Arrrr - I'll have you all walking the plank ...

Today we went to Bradgate park as the topic next half term is the Tudors. For Noels homework he had to find out the name of the Tudor queen who lived at Bradgate park and why she was special. There weren't as many clues to her as I would have liked but we took lots of photographs and thankfully as I researched the answer I was able to point him in the right direction. It was a lovely fresh, Autumn day, but my goodness it was windy! The children both enjoyed a good run around and mostly Mini was happy in the pushchair, but I think we were all ready to come home after a morning out for some nice warm soup!

Hoorah!! I have found the answer - good job I had my binoculars!

Is there anything more fun than an empty box? We brought home the children's toy box and toys home from their Grandmas as they weren't really getting much use (someone else's things always seem much better!)  Since we brought them home they have been playing with all the toys (of course) but most of all, with the box. Its been a space rocket, fairground ride, house, car, train - even Mini has had a go at being pushed round! 

Come on, faster!

Lots of love from the Wills family xxxxx

Saturday, 8 October 2011


Noel had a friend over this afternoon while April was an event for the local Rainbows and Brownies. I took a photo of them before he left as Noel doesn't see his friend very often now that he is a different school. The little boy in question is absolutely lovely, so polite and always smiling - I think April has taken a shine to him too, don't you?

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Home Made

This is April's pirate map. She made it for her homework to tie in with the "water" theme. She worked really hard on it and thought of all her place names herself.

Noel's "city" which you can't really see from the photo but it has working lights on it. It did originally span along the corridor upstairs but I had to ask him to rework it to a smaller scale!

Mini cooking us something delicious for tea - or maybe just scattering the contents of the box all over the dining room floor ...