Saturday, 7 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our lovely friends and family who read our blog! I can not believe how fast the Christmas holidays have gone, lots of preparation and stress and its over in a heartbeat! Noel and April go back to school on Monday.  Noel has now been at school a whole year and while I have absolutely loved having them at home over the Christmas holidays I wouldn't go back to home education whilst they are so happy and at such a lovely school. I am looking forward to the return to our routine and sharing their learning journey with them as they come home and tell me excitedly about all the things they have done at school that day.

The New Year also brings with it - new years resolutions! Do you make any? I make one, just one, every year and I'm quite strict about sticking to it. Last year it was so to stop feeding everyone that visits! Sounds harsh doesn't it but it gets expensive when friends drop by at 11.30 and end up staying for lunch/coffee/cake. So I decided last year that I would stop doing it and although I found it really hard (and still do to be honest) it is now lunch by invitation only at the Wills household.

So that brings me to this new years resolution. Well, its that old chestnut, saving money. Yep, really boring and miserable but unfortunately its got to be done. It looks quite likely I will not be in employment at some point during the course of the year (BMI have been taken over) and we really need to update our bathroom (work in progress as I write - the bath is sitting in the dining room all ready for its new home!) so its a case of "cutting our coat to fit our cloth". We're not really holiday people so I don't think we will miss not having a family holiday this year, we've cut back on our food bills and I am threatening to make as many of our gifts this year as possible, and other than that its a case of save, save, save. Sometimes I feel quite miserable and other times I enjoy the challenge, it really depends on what mood I wake up in!!

What will you be doing during 2012 to make a difference?