Sunday, 11 March 2012

Our two little miracles

Baby one, baby two and both together. Despite the negative comments I have had from some people, I refuse to see it as anything other than a blessing. Some people are never lucky enough to have children and here I am having 2. I do have moments where I panic and wonder how I am going to cope but I guess as long as we all muddle by and do the best we can then things will work out somehow.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Double the fun!

Well, I think you are all aware now but it seems only right I put something on the blog about it. Stu and I found out yesterday that we are going to be the parents of twins!! Although it was a bit of a shock, it makes sense really. I have had terrible morning sickness which has lasted from morning through until bedtime, even Stu said he has never seen me so poorly (hence the lack of blogging this year) and I also feel much, much more tired than I did with the others. I felt there were 2 options, it was either another girl .. or we were having twins (of course it could turn out to be twin girls, we don't know the genders of the babies).

My official due date is the 18th September but I will be going into hospital at 38 weeks, so no home birth for me this time. I have to attend lots of extra clinics and scans so I guess by the time September comes I will be pretty familiar with the premises (and my dad, who very kindly took me yesterday - and was there when I found out the happy news).

Our twins are non-identical, which I am told is much safer, and they both seem to be fine at the moment. I am going back for a detailed scan at 16 weeks and I have another antenatal appointment a week on Monday at the hospital. 

Scan photo will follow but I want to show Stu first before I share it with everyone, and he isn't home until Friday night. And if truth be known, I will probably need him to help me do it!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Noelie and his chosen cake - complete coincidence as he didn't know what present he was getting!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Noel

It seems like a heartbeat since I became a mum, and Stu and I became a family, but here we are, celebrating Noel Christopher Robert's 8th Birthday....

A bit more practise under my belt now with the 3!

 He seems quite happy with his present, Grandad and Grandma put towards it to so we could get him a full size set.

I can't show you his cake yet as I have cheated this year and bought one - and its yet to arrive from Sainsburys! Its teaming it down with rain, so I think we are spending the day cosy at home, although I will pop out later and fetch the birthday boy's choice of tea - he has asked for a KFC. He isn't one for making a fuss, he hasn't asked for anything, or to go anywhere, or to do anything special other than that, clearly his father's son! He didn't even kick up a fuss this morning when we played a trick on him, pretending that the additional track was his present and the box was merely to store everything in, collecting it a bit at a time over birthdays and Christmas... He settled down to read the book we'd bought him from the girls and to look at his kitchen science set from Nanna and Grandpa. His face lit up when he saw it all set up in the front room - he said he had genuinely believed us. Aren't we mean!