Saturday, 28 April 2012

Mini on the move . . .

Mini is finally getting the hang of standing up and on Thursday she decided that she would have a go at walking whilst pushing her wheelie bug. I gave her the pram to try this morning as its a bit higher up and she has been toddling around pushing it, albeit a few steps at a time. She also rolled over for the first time on Tuesday, better late than never!

She looks very pleased with herself as you can see!

Yesterday was my 37th birthday, I had a lovely day, I went to Woodlands garden centre with my friend Kate, and Mini, and we had scones and tea, and a walk around. It rained heavily all day, for a change, but we still had a nice time. Then Stu came home in the afternoon and we all had tea together and I opened my present. I got a lovely box full of Burts Bees treats, which I shall enjoy pampering myself with, over the coming months.

I have got another scan on Tuesday, this is my detailed scan. It will be lovely to see the twins again, I am feeling lots of movement, and I already feel like a hippopotamus! 

Fingers crossed for a bit of dry weather this weekend!! xx

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Halfway already...

I asked my two budding photographers to take my photo this morning for the blog to mark the "halfway" point for the twins arrival...

Well I suppose it was my bump I wanted to show off ...

Ahh, managed to get some of my head in this one as well!

I am feeling more organised now than before, my mothercare order came today and I am adding bits and pieces to my collection for my hospital bag every week.  The two main things left to get now are a V shaped cushion - which is said to be invaluable when breastfeeding two babies at the same time, and a cot bed mattress - as I plan to put them both in together. 

I have joined TAMBA and I have also found a local-ish twins group which we will go to next week. I am hoping that the twin mummies there will be able to impart some of their twin mummy wisdom - or at least prove to me that it is possible to get out of the house!!  I have also contacted Home Start (where I used to volunteer!), and I have help arranged for the weekday bedtime routines (mum and dad twice a week, a paid helper twice a week and hopefully Mr Wills will be home to share the workload on Fridays!) So I feel pretty confident that I am on the right track to being organised and having things in place. Needless to say, once the twins will arrive this will all crumble and I will be a hormonal, sleep deprived wreck, but we'll brush over that for now - I am determined to be positive and enjoy my last ever pregnancy - and enjoy the excitement of waiting for our two bundles of love. After all, we are doubly blessed!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Getting organised

Things are starting to settle down now in the Wills household and we are pretty much used to the idea now that we are expecting twins. I have now started to get organised and have a few bits on order from Mothercare (namely some replacement pads for my TENS machine and other exciting things like that). I have a nice long list of things that I will need and thankfully I only have one or two things left to tick off as kind friends have passed on "extras" (clearly 2 for the price of 1 doesn't apply when it comes to the things you apparently need for twins!) and I have started to sort out baby clothes etc. My lovely friend Pippa passed on a big bag of baby clothes last week when we met up and Mum and Dad got me some yellow baby grows as the only newborn ones I have are pink so I am hoping now that I will be sorted on that front. Its hard to believe that tomorrow I am exactly halfway through my pregnancy - 19 weeks (I think I mentioned I will be delivering at 38 weeks or before) - I must ask Noel or April to take a "bump" photo as I don't actually have any yet!

What have we been up to? Well, lots and nothing really! Stuart has now finished the bathroom, it looks fabulous and he has worked really hard on it. Its utter bliss being able to jump into the shower in the mornings instead of having to wash my hair with the mixer tap in the bath - its getting harder and harder to bend over - and it means the children are a lot more independent too.

We went out for a meal at the end of March to celebrate my Grandma's 90th birthday. It was also Mums birthday the next day so it was a double celebration. James was able to come down from York too, so it was a family affair, although it was a little too far for Phil to fly in from America, sadly.

Noel and April went back to school yesterday, April was very excited, she loves school, Noel not so although he did go off without a fuss. They both came home full of their day and over dinner I was advised how I shouldn't keep the lights on when not in the room (hello, aren't I always saying this?!), not to waste water (from the children who can take 10 minutes to rinse out conditioner from their hair) and one I remember from my own childhood - when cold put on a jumper instead of the heating. It tickled me really as they were only telling me things that we have been trying to do as a family for years, but at least I know they were listening and they will enjoy the topic they are covering this term.

Mini is now standing up, we have been trying to encourage her for a while, but all of a sudden she wants to, I don't think it will be too long before she makes her first tentative steps. Although I don't have a problem with the fact she can't walk yet (April was 23 months and Noel 16 months) it would make life easier when playing outside as at the minute she "bottom shuffles" and gets very wet and muddy!

Enough of the chat, a few photos from the past month..

Noel making a "lemon clock" with the science kit mum and dad bought for his birthday

The lovely card and cake April made me at Rainbows for Mothers Day

Our family lunch at the Ferrers Arms

One I took of Hermione at lunchtime today, she is wearing my new Kermit backpack which arrived in the post yesterday and looks like this ...

I'm afraid I didn't realise until just now that I don't have any of April on her own, oops! I think thats all the "news" I have for now, lots of love from the Wills family x x x x x