Monday, 28 May 2012

Fun and Games!

Stu has now taken out all the kitchen ready for the plasterer to come tomorrow at 8am. I have had the back door open as its been so warm and I am pretending I am camping and it is an adventure, rather than allowing myself to get stressed at the lack of sink/cupboards/being able to find anything. We have moved the fridge out of the under stairs cupboard for now and that is being used for storage so its not too bad. Stu did just break the news to me that the plumber will have to disconnect the washing machine and dishwasher tomorrow to plaster the back wall so it looks like I will have to take the camping experience one step further and have to wash up outside in a bowl! Still, it will be so worth it and I have plenty of other things to think about to take my mind off the lack of kitchen!

I am using the picnic table at the minute to give me some extra worktop space

Thankfully the bathroom is next to the kitchen so not too far to go when we need some water

Noel and April went to school today wearing Red, White and Blue and they had a picnic on the school field to celebrate the jubilee. They are having a "street party" on Friday too. There were children today draped in flags and wearing really elaborate costumes, but we were a bit boring and just went for things that we already had in the cupboard. Even Mini got in on the act, and wanted to be included in the photo I took..

Not sure if you can tell but she is screwing up her face, saying "cheese!"

Its so lovely having some sunshine isn't it! It makes a really welcome change after all the rain we have had and its helped me get all those little baby clothes dry that I have been washing. I can't believe I am nearly 25 weeks already. I have bought some storage boxes to keep the babies clothes in but at the moment they are being utilised for the kitchen contents so that is another job for when the kitchen is done. I have plenty of white and a few little bits of pink and blue in there so I will keep the neighbours guessing as to what we are having when they see them blowing on the line! We don't know ourselves what we are expecting but we are agreed on two sets of boys names now (at last) so thats one less thing to worry about. We still have one set of girls names to decide on, but thankfully we have a more weeks to make up our minds and of course, we might not need two sets of girls names anyway ....

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

We don't like to do things by halves in our house ...

Not content with expecting twins in a little over 3 months, we decided to replace our kitchen a month or so ago. It really does need some TLC, so on Sunday Stu took out the sink and started taking the tiles off the walls. The plasterer is coming on Tuesday to skim the walls and ceiling, and the following weekend the new kitchen is coming which poor Stu will have to fit in his precious weekends away from work. Our current kitchen is going to a good home, someone in Kegworth is having it for their flat, so I am glad it isn't going off to the tip. I really don't want the mess, or the hassle (and I only have to empty the cupboards, poor Stu has the hard work!!) but better now than when the babies have arrived. It currently looks like this ...

Still, it will be worth it ...

Monday, 14 May 2012

Hermiones First Steps - Sort of!

I feel like things are coming together nicely for us all, and I am pretty much organised now ready for the twins. Well, when I say organised, I mean I have all the things I need, rather than being prepared! I picked up a cot bed on Friday for them to share and I won a nursing cushion on ebay for £10! I am collecting that on Thursday. I am thrilled as most of the ones I have seen have been going for at least £30. I went shopping with my friend today to get the rest of the "little things" we need - extra muslins, cotton wool, that sort of thing. While I was out shopping, I saw these, and couldn't resist ...

I went for a scan 2 weeks ago, and the scan showed one baby is smaller than the other, so I am going back again tomorrow for another scan, and to see the consultant. Then in 2 weeks I have another scan, and an appointment with the consultant but that was already booked in. I can see I will be able to find my way around the hospital with my eyes shut by the time they arrive! 

Stu went to Bedford a week ago to pick up our new Willsmobile. We now have a 7 seater Grand Picasso and the Discovery has gone to a new home. While he was gone, Hermione took her first steps by herself. I got so excited, couldn't wait to tell Stu and then ... she has never done it again since! She cruises with the furniture, and happily tootles round the house with her pram, but can I get her to take another step by herself ... no!!  She will do it when she is ready - maybe I need to get Aprils "magic sandals" out of the loft!