Monday, 25 June 2012

Mini's new shoes!

Now that Mini is doing a lot more walking, we thought we ought to take her to have her feet properly measured and to get her a pair of proper little girl shoes. So off we all went to Clarks on Saturday morning to have her feet measured and to get her very first pair of shoes. She was really well behaved and seemed to enjoy all the attention - and she was very proud to show them off to the camera when we got home ..

Look Daddy! New shoes!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Having my hands full!

Stu has been very busy the last two weekends fitting us the new kitchen. There is still work left to be done but its useable now, and I have worktops, a sink and an oven - so no more soup for tea for the children! 

I now have 10 weeks to go before the babies are due, although they are likely to come earlier from what I read. I am now fining people £1 every time they tell me I am going to have my hands full (really, 5 children, under 8, husband working away, you don't say!!) so that I can finance the aforementioned kitchen. I feel quite big, and some of my maternity clothes don't fit already and have been passed on to another friend who is expecting. I am also living in fit flops (not that I have seen much benefit!) as I can't bend down to fasten up my shoes! Still, on the good side, the longer they stay in, the better for them and hopefully summer will turn up in time for the school holidays and I can spend all my time in the paddling pool, which saves me worrying about finding clothes to fit!!

Hermione is walking really well now, I think we will be taking a trip to buy her first pair of shoes soon. She mainly walks holding on to my hand but she can also walk independently, so that has made things much easier. She loves to walk Noel and April into school in the morning, she adores her big brother and sister and wants to do whatever they are doing. Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes not!

And on that note, this very tired, pregnant lady is going to a quick nap while Mini is asleep and all is quiet!

Lots of love from the Wills Family x x x x x