Saturday, 28 July 2012

Happy 18th Birthday Laura!

We really hope you have had a lovely day! xx

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Enjoying the sunshine

Time seems to be moving very, very quickly towards the twins arrival, it is really only a matter of a few weeks now before they will be here, unless of course they decide to come early and surprise us all. I have booked in for some maternity photographs which I am looking forward to, its a nice way to mark a special pregnancy and to give me something to look back on. 

Stu and I went to Stratford-upon-Avon on Friday and we left my parents in charge of the Wills household for the night. As far as I know everyone behaved and I know for definite that the children particularly enjoyed having their Grandparents round for a 'sleepover'. 

On Sunday we all went to Rosliston Forestry Centre. We took a picnic and the children had a play. Its so nice having some sunshine after all the flipping rain we have had, I wonder when the hosepipe bans will come back into force?!

Hermione is walking really well now and seems to be learning lots of new things every day. Her favourite thing at the moment is drinking through a straw and gets most upset if we give her a drink without one! She wants to do everything that Noel and April do, and loves playing with them. They are very patient with her and play nicely (shame they can't do that with each other all the time!!) and she often climbs on Noel's back for a pony ride or makes cups of tea in the toy kitchen with April.  We also get the odd tantrum too but that is to be expected given that she is 2 next month. 

 Yes, my water does taste nicer because its in a cup with a straw...

Stu, April and Hermione at the top of the "bird" at Rosliston. It was pointed out to me afterwards that I should have put the zoom lense on. Fair point ...

Noelie having fun climbing

Hermione enjoying the swings

We are enjoying the school holidays and have pretty much done something every day, although I am not able to walk very far now.  We are hoping to fit in a trip to the farm and the swimming pool at some point, and probably another trip to Snibston Discovery Museum as we have a family pass. But at this stage I dont want to make too many plans in case we have a couple of unexpected arrivals!!