Sunday, 26 August 2012

Meet Samuel and Isaac

Little tiny bundles of joy, as you can probably tell I had only just delivered them!

Taken today, 3 days old. Samuel is on the left, Isaac on the right

Very proud Noel and April. April is holding Samuel, Noel is holding Isaac

I won't be posting my birth story, I don't think anyone needs to know all the gory details. I will say though that I finally got home yesterday at 8pm, and I have never been so glad to be home in all my life. Stuart had changed the bed and tidied up everywhere, there was a beautiful big bouquet of flowers on the table which made me cry (well the words in the card did) and I had the most wonderful cup of tea and shower in the whole world. 3 full days away from the family was a long, long time, and while it was lovely to have some time alone with the twins, it was great to see Noel, April and Hermione again.

And so the fun and games of family life with 5 children, begins!!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Double the joy

Unfortunately I can't show you a photo as I am in hospital but I am delighted to tell you that the twins arrived safe and well today. Samuel David Peter was born at midnight exactly, weighing 6.4 pounds, closely followed by his breech brother Isaac Gabriel John at 12.22 am weighing 5.5 pounds. It was very different to my nice, quiet home births of previous, but they are here safe and well so that's all that matters. I will post photos when I come home over the weekend xx

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Happy UnBirthday Hermione!

Hermione isn't two until Tuesday but I was worried that she would miss out if the twins came early, so last Sunday we celebrated her birthday and she opened her presents. We had a lovely day at home, playing with her new sandpit and eating birthday cake. The following day I took Noel, April and Hermione to the play farm where we had a lovely day out with our friends Hayley and Eliza. I don't feel so bad now if they come early as she has had her "day" although they are not showing any signs of making an early appearance!

Noel and April helped to put her presents together.

Blowing out her candles - I can take no credit for the cake - it was a Marks & Spencer special!

Yummy, I like being two!

Enjoying the sunshine with some bubbles.

You're never too old to enjoy some bubbles.

A special t-shirt from Daddy.

As you can see - they still haven't made an appearance!

Thats all from the Wills family for now xxxxx

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Maternity photos

I think I mentioned I had some maternity photographs taken last week. I wasn't going to share them as on most of them I am wearing very few clothes but as these ones have made it on to the photographers facebook page I thought I would let you have a look.

The photographer, Marie-Louise Hall, was lovely and I will definitely be having her back to photograph the twins when they reach their first birthday (the only time I ever pay for photographs as a rule!). 

Monday, 6 August 2012

Still here!

Mini loves drawing and has shown a preference for being left handed for quite a long time now

There isn't really much to report from Chez Wills, I am now 34 weeks pregnant, 35 weeks on Wednesday. I am beginning to feel more than a little uncomfortable with a set of feet under my ribs, and what I can only presume is a set of hands at the other side as twin two is breech (or it was at my last scan a week or so ago).  I think I am pretty much organised now, cot is made up, pram all washed (yes both of these are singular, they might as well get used to sharing now!!), freezer stocked up... you get the idea. I don't think anything can really prepare you for the arrival of a baby, even though I have done it before, and as for two babies - well I think I will have to take it a day at a time and try and catch a little bit of sleep here and there where I can.

Mini will be two very soon, yet it seems like minutes since I held her in my arms. We are going to the Farm on Sunday to celebrate, as we decided to bring her birthday forward a little bit in case she has to share it with her new siblings (not that I think for one minute they will come early but I can live in hope!) 

We are enjoying the school holidays, although in all honesty we haven't done a great deal. I struggle to walk too far now so it has mainly been spent playing in the garden, doing craft activities, having movie afternoons and in my case, visiting the hospital with my dad while my mum entertains the children.  

Scarlett has also joined us, she will be my "helper" two evenings a week when the twins come, but I wanted her to get to know the children, and for them to know her, before the babies come. I want to try and keep to a regular routine as best I can - more so during term time - and I really appreciate the extra pair of hands while Stu is away.  It takes a fair while getting 3 ready for bed so I can only imagine that when I have 5 I will have to start about lunch time!! My mum is also going to help out with the other two bedtimes as April has Rainbows on a Tuesday, and it will take longer to get everyone ready and out of the house than the time she is actually there! 

Other than that, not really much to report, we are just muddling through as best we can (or hobbling in my case!) and looking forward to meeting our new family members xx