Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Bathtime Fun

Bathtime is much easier now that the boys share a bath - these chairs that I read about in a twins book are really handy. I usually get one of the babies out and Hermione will get in for her bath. Sometimes Noel and April get in with her when the other baby gets out - we do like value for money in our house you know!

And now that we are not really using the baby bath, it has come in handy as a washing basket and the children have had lots of fun with it using it as a boat, a pie (they played "little girl pie" the other day for ages) and a racing car.

In the background you can see my new pushchair, its a bit of a monster! I am a bit cross though as one week the pushchair came, the following week the seats (which I need to use for the twins) and then yesterday the bases for the seats came. One thing that hasn't come though is the raincover, which I think you will agree is a bit of a necessity in Britain! I keep chasing it up and I keep being told it will be here soon, then another part will arrive but no raincover with it.  Its lovely and light to push though and I am sure once I get the hang of it, I will find it much easier to get in and out of the car/attach the seats. I'm not very technical and I often have to get Noel to help me!!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

7 Weeks already!

They look like they're having a chat!

The special suits I bought when pregnant

Its amazing how quickly we have adapted to carrying two around without a second thought.

The girls sharing a story - Mini just loves sharing books

My three boys together - Noel is a great big brother

I can't believe our precious little bundles are 7 weeks old already. In some ways it feels like an age (endless sleepless nights, countless nappies, constant feeds) but in other ways I feel a bit sad that its all passed in a bit of a blur. We won't be extending the Wills Empire any further, I don't want to push my luck, and I want to enjoy the boys but its very hard when I feel so terminally tired and its 4am with them both screaming their heads off!

Stu went back to work at 3 1/2 weeks, its the longest we have ever spent together (which is saying something as we have been married 10 years next month) and I absolutely loved having him around. He was brilliant with the older children, making packed lunches and amusing Mini so I could catch those rare moments when both the twins were asleep so I could get some rest. He also looked after me, fetching me tissues and reminding me when I burst into tears for the 50th time that day that it was just sleep deprivation//hormones. I am very lucky to have such a fabulous husband.

Things are settling down now though, although for some reason Sam and Isaac have taken a dislike to 4am in the morning and both scream, sometimes waking up Hermione, who wakes up April ... I suspect its a build up wind, and I can often be found chanting "its just a phase, it will pass" as I rub little backs up and down, rub little tummies and try not to cry as I'm so tired and just want to collapse into bed after getting up for the millionth time that night.

Both boys have got very different personalities, Samuel is quite noisy and perhaps could be described as "high maintenance" where as Isaac is very placid and happy to watch the world go by. As I type this (at 5.30am) Isaac is sat in his bouncy chair watching and Sam is lying across my knee on his tummy, which is where he loves to be.

Well I can't believe I have found the time to type all of that, I think its time for a celebratory cup of tea and hopefully I will manage another blog post in a month or so again ...

Lots of love from 
The Wills Family xxxxxxx