Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy New Year!

I can't believe we are already almost a week into the new year, if the rest of the year goes this fast it will be Christmas again before we know it!

We had a lovely Christmas, it was so nice having Stuart at home (and I certainly appreciated the extra pair of hands) and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We spent Christmas day at home and we went to my parents house on Boxing day for something to eat. 

New Years eve was spent working out how we would pay for a new car as unfortunately our trusty Micra, which my parents gave us a year ago, has died. The gear box has gone and the price of replacing it is far more than the car itself cost. Its been slowly falling to pieces, a window winder here, a door handle there, and it rattles and shakes. That all said, I will be very sad to see the scrap man tow it away as it has been a good, reliable car and it served my parents, and then us well. We now have a Citroen Saxo so that Stuart can get to and from work while I use the Picasso.

Anyway, enough talk, some photos ...

Christmas eve, just before we put the twins to bed. Myself, Sam, April, Hermione, Noel, Scarlett and Isaac. (Scarlett is my helper, she comes twice a week to help at bedtime)

How lucky are our children! I can't believe how many presents they got from other people, as well as from us.

The twins first Christmas. Isaac on the left, Samuel on the right.

Our Christmas cake - Bob the dog!

Noels little robot friend

Dismantling the tree? Me, never!

And on that note, I now have a screaming toddler and two crying babies so time to go! 

Happy New Year - love from Jem, Stu, Noel, April, Hermione, Samuel and Isaac xxxxxxx