Friday, 28 June 2013

Happy in their nappies

I decided a fortnight ago to go back to using cotton nappies. I had tried them a few times in the past with the twins as I used them with the other 3 but without much success.  Fed up of the bin overflowing - not to mention the large whole in my purse - I decided to give it one last go. I'm really glad I did now as it seems to be working out very well and no leaks this time. Maybe the boys just needed to be that little bit bigger, who knows. My mum is delighted too as it means she gets to peg them out when she stays over.

In keeping with my yorkshire roots, I also like to get value for money from my bathwater. Bathtime is getting much easier now the boys can sit up comfortably, but I do appreciate the extra pair of hands when it comes to getting everyone out and dry. Look at those mucky faces!

Where would I be without my mum? She takes April to Brownies on a tuesday night and then stays over to help out on a wednesday. My children adore their Nanna and Grandpa.  I never saw much of my Grandparents when we were growing up as they lived far away so I am thrilled my own children have such a good relationship with their Grandparents - and I certainly appreciate the help.

My other fabulous helper - Scarlett. She is part of the family now.

Hermione is growing up fast. She will be three in August and she is a proper little lady now. She is bursting to go to playschool and asks about it every day. Here she is helping me make some pancakes for tea.

Noel and April found a frog in the garden the other day. Its hardly surprising really given the lovely hot dry summers we're not having ...

We have had some work done to the garden. Of course, now the rest of the garden looks even worse than before, but its a start! We have got a new patio at the bottom of the garden, and then some nice soft bark chippings (aka outdoor cat litter...) for the trampoline.  We are looking into having the rest of the garden done now. I am going for low maintenance, just lawn and I think a path might be a good idea. I can always add some pots and hanging baskets for colour but I want a garden that my children can enjoy and play in without me worrying about my plants being wrecked. And a patio that doesn't have sticking up slabs would be good too! We have been in our house for nearly 10 years now so I think its about time we sorted it out. I can't wait - all we will need then is some sunshine to enjoy it!

One of my biggest girl dressing up - its her favourite thing to do (other than read).

Noel won't let me take his photo now so I had to sneak one in - here he is doing his homework with the obligatory MP3 player on...

I think that is all the news for now. We are preparing for another busy weekend, they are never long enough!

Lots of love from

Jem, Stu, Noel, April, Hermione, Samuel and Isaac x x x x x x 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Sunshine at last!

Sam and Isaac are nearly 10 months old - can you believe that? They had a lovely time sitting in the garden this morning emptying a big box of little people out and gumming them.

We are having some work done in the garden later on this week so it was lovely to be able to tidy it up a bit ready while the boys and Hermione played. All we need now is some sunshine to enjoy it!