Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Well its been a real whirlwind around here, lots happening and big changes. I really haven't had a minute since the children broke up from school but its all good.

The first week of the holidays and our garden looked like this. It was a bit stressful - lots of dust and mess everywhere and trying to keep the children out of the builders way (although they were lovely and didn't seem to mind) 

However it now looks like this :-

We now have patio around the front, down the side and steps leading down to the garden. I am really pleased with it and it has really smartened up the garden which is just as well because we had the BBC round today filming. I can't say any more than that as I have been asked not to, but it was very exciting and once I am allowed to I will share the photos and tell you more about it. 

We also had a lovely day out last week to Belton House with my fabulous friend Pippa and her gorgeous family. To say that we only meet up once a year usually, our children always get on fabulously and have a great time playing together. I am hoping that we will be able to meet up a bit more often now that we are both National Trust members as our meeting place is pretty central to us both, and we want value for money don't we? 

The whole Wills/Dore clan - although I took it with the sun shining from behind so its a bit hard to see everyone.

Big Minnie and Little Mini - and Gilbert the dog!

We also got to spend some time with Phil and Becca while they were over from America. Sadly they have gone home now but we really enjoyed spending time with them and they are such a big hit with their nieces and nephews.

Sam, Becca, Phil and Isaac 

And I think, for now, that is all the news I have to share.

Lots of love

Jemma, Stuart, Noel, April, Hermione, Samuel and Isaac x x x x x x x

Monday, 1 July 2013

Samuel and Isaac's Christening

Yesterday we had the very happy occasion of Samuel and Isaac's Christening. It was so lovely to have all my family together - Phil and Becca flew in from America and James and Hannah from Germany and of course my Grandma, 91 years old and she still has her nails painted by yours truly.

The Christening cake I chose 

And the one Mr Wills chose ...

A family photo before we all left in case we didn't get one at the church. As predicted, we didn't, as a certain little madam wouldn't have her photo taken.

It was so amazing to have the family together and I am so cross with myself that I had my eyes shut! Its the only photo I have of us all together though so it will just have to suffice!

It wasn't a very good day for photos as we seem to have lots of photos like this - with one or other of the babies facing the other way. Don't you think that Sam and Stu look alike?

Despite being really disappointed with the photos on our camera, it was a really happy day and I feel so lucky to have such a fabulous family to help out. Everyone got stuck in helping with the tea making, washing up, tidying away etc so I never felt stressed, even when Hermione threw up all over me (too much batman cake me thinks).  Noel and April were great too, handing out the goody bags and sweets and making sure everyone had a drink. I was so touched with the effort that people put in to getting there, it meant such a lot to us.  It was a very proud day for us - and a day to be very thankful for all our wonderful friends, and family, who help and support us every day in one way or another. We are very, very lucky.

Lots of love

Jemma, Stuart, Noel, April, Hermione, Samuel and Isaac x x x x x x x