Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas 2013

I probably say this every year, but this year really did feel like our best Christmas yet. We had such a lovely day, we just stayed in and hibernated in our pyjamas! 

We were all thoroughly spoilt with such lovely gifts, we ate lots of yummy food and surprisingly the Christmas tree is still standing! Since putting it up we have bought some blue lights for it so I did take the opportunity to move a bit of tinsel and a few baubles around so its a bit more balanced while we were putting the new lights on. I wasn't going to bother as to be honest I thought I would be taking it down on Boxing day, but the boys have been great and they haven't really bothered with it much.

5 stockings waiting for little hands to delve in and unwrap their contents

Our very untraditional Christmas cake in my new cake dome

New Christmas jammies and slippers 

The boys were getting into the swing of things

Noel wanted a computer game so I printed off a certificate and wrapped that so that he had something to open

April's gift was much easier to sort out - Sylvanian Families Fish and Chip Van

And Hermione got Wooster the dog

For some reason I don't have a photo of the boys opening their presents, probably because they opened theirs later than everyone else but they got a Happy Land Village with little shops and people to play with

The big ones also spent lots of time playing with this playmobil that I bought off a friend. I guess as long as its new to them then that is good enough.

I hope you all had a lovely, cosy Christmas and a Very Happy and Healthy New Year to you all 

Lots of love

Jem, Stu, Noel, April, Hermione, Samuel and Isaac x x x x x x x

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

All ready for Father Christmas

Well if it's not done by now, its not getting done! We have put the tree up this afternoon and the stockings are hung up all ready for Father Christmas to fill later. I let the children decorate the tree themselves and although I would dearly love to re-arrange it all, I won't because I have years to have the "perfect" tree when the children are all older. 

Someone is very fascinated by our Christmas tree

All ready for Father Christmas - I hope he can get past the fireguard!

This photo was taken just before the most exciting bedtime of the year

All that remains is for us to wish you all a very happy and healthy Christmas 

Lots of love 

Jemma, Stuart, Noel, April, Hermione, Samuel and Isaac x x x x x x x 

Monday, 23 December 2013

Family Fun

What do you do on a wet, rainy afternoon? Well you play silly games of course! We had lots of fun on Sunday together. We went for a walk, did some baking and we played lots of games together.  We did some indoor obstacle courses and had lots of fun with a great game where the object was to put on as many items of clothing from the hat and gloves box as possible in one minute.   

The children were very imaginative ..

And found it was easier to put mittens on feet than on hands!!

It really did make us all laugh.  Tomorrow we are going to put the tree up, I am hoping it lasts throughout Christmas day, but that really all depends on our little monsters.

And in case I don't get chance to blog again before Christmas - here is wishing you all a very happy, healthy, warm and cosy Christmas from our home to yours.

Lots of love, Jem, Stu, Noel, April, Hermione, Samuel and Isaac x x x x x x x

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Getting ready for Christmas

We put our trimmings up yesterday, whilst listening to Christmas music and enjoying a snowball. The only thing we haven't put up yet is our Christmas tree, which usually goes up on Christmas eve. We are debating where to put it as Isaac is on the move and I have visions of him pulling it down on himself. We have gone for a very retro look with foil decorations, cards on strings and tinsel. Its a far cry from when I used to have a tasteful tree with white lights and colour co-ordinated decorations but its a lot more fun!

I did some christmas baking with the girls this afternoon. They love baking and it made the house smell gorgeous.

Taking it in turns to stir the christmas gingerbread mixture ready for rolling

We went to Christ Church last weekend where they had a Christmas tree extravaganza.  Noel didn't want to come and the boys were in bed, so it was just me and the girls again. Hermione is fascinated by Baby Jesus and we had a lovely time, looking at the trees and then doing some christmas crafts. After such a hectic week it was good to have some quiet.

Enjoying the Christmas tree festival

Hermione had her christmas party on Monday at play school. She had a lovely time, ate lots of party food, watched Sooty and Sweep in a puppet show and met Santa. He gave her a present which she was very excited about and she was quite happy to have her photo taken with him.

A very excited party elf.

Tomorrow we are going to watch Noel and April in their school performance of "A Creepy Crawly Christmas". Noel is going to be a Beatle - Paul - and April is going to be a Shepherd. Because I have the little ones with me we will be going to the dress rehearsal, but Mum and Dad will be there to watch them in their evening shows and bring them home. Where would I be without them?

And on Friday Hermione is going to be a donkey in the play school nativity. She was told last week she could be an Angel instead but she burst into tears and said she wanted to a donkey still - so a donkey it is.  Tissues at the ready...

Enjoy your Christmas preparations

Lots of love Jemma, Stuart, Noel, April, Hermione, Samuel and Isaac x x x x x x x 

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Finally finished!

I got quite a surprise when I came home from the school run on Wednesday morning as I found the builders round putting our garden path in. I'm so glad they came as the weather on Thursday was horrible, very windy and cold - and that was the day they were supposed to come. Every time we have booked them in to come and put the path in we have woken up to horrendous rain - even the builder said he felt our house was jinxed!! The garden is all finished now - new patio, new turf and now a new path down to the trampoline and toy sheds.  I'm really pleased with it, and hopefully it should be easier to maintain as I will just add colour with some pots.

Our garden is all ready for the winter now, the table and chairs have been packed away and everywhere had a good scrub yesterday.

Christmas preparations are in full swing here, not in our house as such as I don't put the tree and decorations up until the last minute (and I suspect Isaac may have a hand in pulling them down) but with Christingles, Christmas parties and practising for school and pre-school performances.  We are going to a Christmas tree festival later on this afternoon after lunch and Hermione has a play school christmas party tomorrow morning. I think I pretty much organised with gifts and I have posted all my cards out but I have to confess though I don't feel festive. Maybe I will once the children have broken up from school and we have a bit of time to breathe.  

April had a Christmas performance on Tuesday at Brownies. She has now finished there until the new year as Brown Owl said there was so much going on with school plays etc it just makes sense to finish it early. As Mum takes her every week it only seemed right that she should go and watch them singing and dancing, and enjoy some party food afterwards. April had a lovely time and thoroughly enjoyed herself - she even had to sing a solo line.

Isaac is now toddling around with the furniture and he even pushes Samuel in the pram! Unfortunately he just sat down as I took this photo but it was very entertaining watching them toddling around and laughing. I think I managed to capture some of it on video for when they are older.  Samuel is showing no signs whatsoever of walking or even standing up, he prefers to sit quietly and amuse himself or bunny hop around the room. I can't say I mind, one toddling baby is hard enough, two is going to be a nightmare!

Samuel doesn't look very impressed that Isaac has stopped pushing him!

And on that note, I am being asked to play "treasure hunts" with the girls - which involves me hiding toys and them going to find them, so I shall sign off.

Lots of love to you all - Stu, Jem, Noel, April, Hermione, Samuel and Isaac x x x x x x x