Friday, 21 February 2014

April's TV Debut...

April will be on TV on Tuesday 18th March at 10.30 on the C-Beebies channel. The programme is called Mr Bloom: Here and there. It was just before we were due to have our lawn replaced so please excuse the weeds, put your feet up and enjoy xx

Thursday, 13 February 2014

On the mend

Everything went well on Monday for my hernia operation and I came out the same day, slightly dazed but feeling incredibly blessed. There were 2 other ladies on my ward who had been in for a partial mastectomy, and I felt like a bit of a fraud really knowing I was just going in for a little "nip and tuck".  The only time I felt a little bit scared was just before I went into theatre, other than that I felt quite relaxed and calm and I took the opportunity to catch up on some reading and put my feet up.

I was also very spoilt and I received some lovely "get well soon" presents:

Beautiful daffodils in the post from Susan. Such a lovely surprise and a reminder that Spring is just around the corner - bringing with it warmer weather and lighter days. I'm afraid the photo doesn't really do them justice, they are like a breath of fresh air.

Flowers from Hayley too when I went round to visit her on Friday. I could get used to all these beautiful flowers, they are so uplifting.

And a wonderful package of goodies from Pippa too. The soap smells divine and the magazine has been a welcome distraction. You will also be surprised to know that I took that photo this morning (Thursday), surely a record for a bar of chocolate in our house! It is starting to look a more tempting as the days wear on so I think my appetite is coming back. I finally enjoyed a shower this morning and I changed my dressings - utter bliss. It was the equivalent to a mini-spa break.

So thank you to everyone who has sent texts, cards, messages and gifts. I am very lucky to know you all and, as always, thank you to my parents who helped to hold the fort with Stuart and acted as my ambulance for the day!

The sun is shining so things can only get better from here!

Lots of love

Jemma xx

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Rather Belatedly ... Happy New Year !

I didn't realise until the other day that I hadn't actually blogged this year. I think its because I am so busy just doing "stuff" that I haven't made time to sit down and update what we've been up to. Or maybe its because we haven't got anything exciting to write about as its all just "stuff".

I am going into hospital on Monday for a hernia operation. Thankfully its just to Glenfield hospital and I should be home the same day. I tried to put them off until the boys were a little bit older and more independent but the Dr firmly suggested I need it repairing sooner rather than later, so Stuart is having a week off to look after us all. He will be glad to get back to work for a rest!

We are still waiting to hear from the BBC but April should be on TV soon! The programme is called "Mr Bloom Out and About" and April and 2 of her little friends from school are going to be in it. It was filmed at Snibston and in our back garden! I feel a bit embarrassed as it was just before we were due to have it re-turfed, but I don't suppose they'll show much of it (she says hopefully). The series has just started now so we are going to stay tuned. I just hope its not shown on Monday as I won't be able to watch it with her.  And as the series is now being shown I can show you a few photos from the day (which I wasn't allowed to before)

Some of the filming, I think they were all having a "picnic"

"Mr Bloom" posing with the children

Mr Bloom having a souvenir photo with the Wills brood

I don't think I have any other news to share with you really so I shall sign off now and wish you all a rather belated Happy New Year.

Lots of love, Jem, Stu, Noel, April, Hermione, Samuel and Isaac xxxxxxx