Sunday, 29 June 2014

Time Flies!

Time is flying by at an alarming rate.  I realised last night that the children only have 2 weeks left at school and then they finish for the holidays. Which means that Hermione only has 2 weeks left at play school as she starts school in September.  I am waiting for a phone call back from the Headmistress as it is my intention for her only to go part time to start with. She will be 4 in August, and then she starts school in September, it feels too young for my liking - especially as I home educated Noel and April until they were 7. But, if I don't put Hermione into school now, she won't get a place and I don't want the stress of an appeal again, and the sleepless nights (although, thanks to the twins I still have plenty of those!) Part time feels like a good compromise, and I know that legally I am allowed to do this, but I want confirmation from the Head that she is understanding of my decision. Hermione is going to school on Thursday and Friday for a "taster" session. On Thursday she will go with Stuart and on Friday she will go alone. She isn't going for the whole day, just for a couple of hours, but I'm sure I will be doing plenty of clock watching all the same.

Today we went for Hermione's leavers church service at playschool and she was presented with a bible. She was very confident and happy to go up on stage and sing her songs and do the actions. Of all my children, she is the most confident and outgoing, without a doubt. I hope this continues and she makes lots of lovely friends.

What else have we been up to? Well - we have had plenty of sickness. Hermione has been ill, as has Isaac and now Samuel is poorly with a nasty cough.  I think everyone is getting tired and feels ready for the rest and freedom that the school holidays bring.

Noel went through to the semi-final of the junior chef competition last week. Unfortunately he didn't get chosen for the final, but he did very well to get as far as he did. He did his best and that is all that matters.

I have done lots of baking for a friends wedding, the school fair and the school bake sale. In fact, I think I have produced some cupcakes just about every week for the past month. I have also joined the PTA, so I suspect I will be baking cakes for some years to come.

April was singing with the school choir at the church fete last week, which was a lovely afternoon out. It's the first time she has sung anywhere with the choir. 

Samuel has been taking a few more independent steps, so I am sure I will be running around after him before I know it. He isn't quite at the stage where he needs some shoes just yet - thank goodness - but his confidence is increasing. The boys will be 2 in August - where is the time going?!

And on that note, I have laundry to sort, a meal to prepare and all sorts of exciting tasks to undertake so it's time to put the computer away and get to work. We have a very busy 2 weeks coming up, I wish I could press the pause button, if only for a little bit...

Lots of love - Jemma, Stuart, Noel, April, Hermione, Samuel and Isaac x x x x x x x