Sunday, 28 September 2014

Getting into the swing of things

Things have settled into a nice, steady routine here and everyone seems happy in their new classes at school.

One thing that I do find quite challenging, is the amount of homework 3 children have to do! Every day I listen to them read, test them on their times tables and spellings and any of other assorted tasks they may have.

Every week they bring home a big piece of topic work to do. They have a week to complete it but because of the lack of time in the week, I like to have ours done by the end of the weekend. It also helps that Stuart is usually around in case I need back up, an extra pair of hands or some help myself!!

This week, Hermione has been doing about "people who help us in the community". Her brief was to create something linked with this topic. So this morning she dressed up as a police officer and we took some photos of her carrying out her duties ...

Helping a lost child ...

Stopping a naughty thief in his tracks - he was trying to steal an old lady's handbag

Helping an old lady cross the road safely

Directing the traffic

We had lots of fun putting it together. I'm sure we could have thought of more ideas but everyone started playing so I left it there.

In other news, Noel and I have been to look around the local high school.  I have put his name down already for a place but I want him to take every chance to become familiar with the school before he starts next year. We are going for a guided tour in a weeks time too when he can see what goes on during lessons.

And on that note, it's time for me to get back to the homework.....

Lots of love Jem, Stu, Noel, April, Hermione, Samuel and Isaac x x x x x x x 

Monday, 1 September 2014

And then there were 2 ....

Hermione is now officially a school girl! She started today and she will be attending from 1.15 until 2.45 all week. Stu has taken the next 2 days off to offer some moral support (for me, Hermione is fine!) She went off with Daddy (as she wanted Daddy to take her) and she was all smiles.

Enjoy your first day at school, Hermione!

And now for some lunch with Mr Wills, and the long wait for home time.

Lots of love Jemma, Stuart, Noel, April, Hermione, Samuel and Isaac x x x x xx x